MediaTek will unveil the prototype 5G chip already in 2017

By | 10.12.2018

MediaTek will unveil the prototype 5G chip by the end of 2017

It is expected that MediaTek will complete the development of 5G of the sample chip by the end of 2017 and will begin testing its 5G solutions in 2018, according to industry sources.

«Solutions arrive on time, when operators will launch advanced mobile services,» — said in a recent interview, the senior Manager of Department of wireless communication, MediaTek. He also drew attention to the fact that their company actively participates in related 3GPP actions, seeking to contribute to the development of network products and specifications 5G and to ensure their presence during the commercialization of services.

MediaTek представит прототип 5G-чипа уже в 2017 году

Previously, MediaTek reported that joining forces with Nokia to develop next-generation communications. The pair will work together to build a standard-compliant pre-sale platform for new communication technologies, 5G (NR) starting in 2018. Also MT in mid-2016 announced its participation in the project of the joint innovation center China Mobile, and in 2017 — on cooperation with Japan’s NTT DoCoMo in the future network deployment.

Recently, the CEO of Qualcomm Mollenkopf noted that the first mass 5G smartphones are expected to become available in 2019, not 2020. Operators in Japan, Korea and the USA are preparing to launch in 2019.

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