MediaGet: key characteristics and functionality

By | 10.12.2018

Key features and capabilities MediaGet

MediaGet recently gaining great popularity on the Internet. This program is one of the analogues of uTorrent, but it has a lot more opportunities, because in addition to downloading torrent files, it has its own personal media list.

The advantages and disadvantages MediaGet

The client is designed for a range of different documents (music, movies, games) and of course working with a huge number of torrent sites. In addition, it can obtain a solution to multiple hidden networks. MediaGet opens access to a huge database of films, many of which have a description, quantity and even the composition of actors. This catalogue is divided into genres.

Already downloaded documents are automatically included in the collection. In order to control the collection, there are some simple tools. The developers have made the platform access on different computers, which is quite convenient for different downloads.

The advantages of MediaGet client:

  • Russian version of the interface is immediately understandable even for novice users;
  • Very easy, inexpensive and convenient to use;
  • A huge registry of media files;
  • The ability to stop or delay loading;
  • The user can pre-subscribe to the output of a file and when it appears in the directory, it will immediately be notified;
  • The reference client is updated every day with new offers;
  • You can download programs without registration, SMS, email and other validations of this type;
  • Built-in media player allows you to view videos online;
  • Each download is checked for viruses;
  • The ability to use the service without registration, SMS etc.;
  • All arranged by category or rating;
  • Fast download;
  • MediaGet allows you to select where to download a particular app, and also helps to choose the right site for unloading;
  • Good reviews from experts.

Disadvantages of MediaGet client:

  • The application has advertising banners that can’t be disabled;
  • The client is absolutely clean and free of malicious stories, but for some reason some antiviruses block it. Perhaps the problem is distrust of the checklist, although the developers claim that every file checked. Despite all this, the number of consumers is increasing day by day, the figure tells us that the program can be trusted;
  • Sometimes the app may not respond to user requests.

Judging from the above, it is safe to say that the program is to install and use, as it benefits her much more than disadvantages.

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