McAfee – a unique and powerful antivirus

By | 10.12.2018

McAfee: a powerful antivirus

If You really want to ensure the safety of Your computer or file server, come to the aid of McAfee anti-virus program developed by American specialists. If you use the search statistics of this program, the results will surprise You. And there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that the us antivirus popular as it is among Russian-speaking users and users of other countries. For users of the world wide web, this program is really interesting.

To date, the product of American developers one of the most powerful antivirus of our time, which provides comprehensive protection. The uniqueness of McAfee is that it is able to track almost all the way viruses.

McAfee – уникальный и мощный американский антивирус

McAfee is capable of:

  • to seek, detect, and remove viruses, worms, macroviruses, Trojans and other malware;
  • monitor and check both incoming and outgoing traffic, and other important stuff;
  • to prevent attacks by hackers;
  • automatically updated through the Internet;
  • block spyware before until they are unpacked;
  • ActiveShield standard mode of the program. Due to the fact that the antivirus is always in this mode, if a virus gets into the computer, McAfee immediately block;
  • if you activate Stealth mode, Your computer will become invisible, because the point of this mode — hide the user’s location on the Internet.

I hope that these characteristics played in favor of the anti-virus, but if they still were not enough, finally, I will mention that over the relatively short existence on the market, this antivirus has collected a lot of awards.

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