Mastering 3D glasses for computer with your hands

By | 10.12.2018

Mastering 3D glasses for computer with their hands

There are times when viewing 3D films is becoming a problem due to the lack of special glasses. In this case there are two solutions: buy them in the store and make your own hands. Not to be mistaken with the choice, you need to carefully consider the essence of 3D technology, types of glasses and their self-production.

Briefly about 3D technology

3D technology is based on creating two identical images separately to each eye. Simplified working principle of 3D technology can be viewed as two separate cameras filming pictures that later are superimposed on each other.

In the process of upgrading to 3D technology is not easy gained popularity, but improved.

Currently, there are two types of technologies:

  1. passive (anaglyph, polarization, parallax);
  2. active (separating lines).

    Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

Anaglyph technology: the most «ancient» method of transmitting 3D image. This technology is based on the color separation image. To view this content using a device with red and blue optical lenses (color filters). Anaglyph is the poor quality of the transfer image, but at the same time, the cheapest option of 3D technologies.

Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

Technology polarization (Imax 3D): In this case, the three-dimensional image pass through a stream of light passed through the polarizing crystals. To view images requires special glasses. This technology is used in cinemas and for home use.

Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

Parallax technology: the only technology, where the perception of images is performed without any additional devices directly from the monitor. The peculiarity is that the split image of the two images served alternately: one picture is visible, and the second parallax barrier is closed. Viewing this 3D content requires precise placement in front of the monitor, otherwise, the transmitted image will not be perceived as a whole.

Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

The separation lines (XpanD): at the moment, is the most common transmission of three-dimensional image. Here, each image is displayed on the screen line by line. Using a device with shutter lenses that correct work which is supported by the infrared port. Widely used in cinemas and for home viewing.

Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

3D glasses and their variants

Because there are several 3D technologies, and viewing glasses for the release of several types:

  • anaglyph. Work on the principle of color separation (encoding) of the image. Represent a frame with one blue and one red lens that filter image of the corresponding color. Are the cheapest option for 3D viewing;
  • polarization. This kind of performs filtering of the divided images with the help of special polarized lenses, which refract the entering light flux. One lens blocks inappropriate image, and the other allows you to view the full-size image. The modern market offers as a simple polarized glasses and with the diopter. The disadvantage of this device is the limitation of distance between the viewer and the TV (about 5 m);

    Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

  • packing. Different from other types of because the division of the image occurs not on the screen, but directly on the device for viewing. Optical lenses alternately closes 150 times per second with the help of special valves.

High closing speed ensures the integrity of perception of the content. This type runs on batteries and requires synchronization using the infrared port.

How to choose

You must first determine the purposes for which the necessary glasses to view TV or work on computer. Consider the basic parameters of 3D glasses for watching TV. As in the manufacture of modern televisions use active and passive technology, it first determines which technology meets our technique.

The choice of active (shutter):

  • the power element. When you select the slide view should prefer a battery powered. Battery use will ensure a long trouble-free use. In the case of complete discharge, you can always recharge within 2 hours. Despite the high cost, this device pays for itself quickly, unlike the active type, powered by conventional batteries that require constant replacement;
  • the presence of charge indication and disconnection. This handy feature will ensure the timely charge-off, excluding a full charge;
  • compatibility. Device you must purchase the same manufacturer as the TV. It is also worth considering the brand of the model specified in the specifications;
  • range. Always consider the location of the TV area of the room. A device with a smaller radius of action simply would not function. You should also not stop on the models that are significantly greater than the range.

The choice of passive form:

  • type of outer coating. When you select the polarization type, be aware that they are available with circular polarization and linear. Circular polarization does not limit the viewer and more pleasant to listen to. The only drawback is the high price. Linear polarization even with a small movement of the beholder person, greatly distorts the image. But due to their low cost were very popular;
  • bandwidth. The higher the number, the better the resulting picture viewer. The best option would be the ratio equal to 60% or more;
  • compatibility. When choosing the passive option, you need to consider the type of model that is supported by your TV, which is usually specified in the technical documentation.

Having considered the main criteria for the selection of glasses for the TV, decide how to choose 3D glasses for computer. For computer 3D glasses only fit in two types: anaglyph and shutter.

The choice of anaglyph glasses:

  1. the material of manufacture of the rim. As the material for the rim is plastic and ordinary cardboard. It is quite clear that the cardboard frame is several times cheaper than plastic, but the latter is more reliable;

    Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

  2. filter. In order to obtain better image prefer lenses made of glass or plastic. Lenses of thin films often give a distorted and inadequate picture.

The choice of active (shutter) glasses:

  • compliance. When choosing this type should consider the possibility of the video card and the frequency of the monitor. The more powerful the graphics card, the more opportunities to obtain a quality image. The frequency of the monitor should be at least 120 Hz;
  • the presence of additional USB connectors. The presence of such connectors allow you to re-charge directly from the computer.

Video: Differences between active and passive 3D

The production of their own hands

To make the hands you 3D glasses anaglyph. Let us consider how to make them. For making use of several ways.

First way: cut a frame from cardboard and paste it in the film of different colors, which acts as a color filter. Usually, the left filter made from film of red, the right blue. The quality of the device depends on the uniformity of the paint film. For coloring use the ink from the ink jet type printer or paint with markers. The coloring directly with the marker reduces the resulting image quality.

Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

Second method: manufacturer anaglyph view with lenses made of the transparent part of the plastic case of the disc.

The hands can produce a prismatic polarizing glasses, filled with liquid. Such manufacturing is more complex. They are made of hard flexible plastic and painted liquid. Such a device allows to obtain an image with minimal distortion.

Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

What you will need

For making anaglyph glasses the first method we will need:

  1. film for printing from the printer inkjet type or any film of thin plastic;
  2. red and blue markers are alcohol-based or the same paint from the printer ink-jet type;
  3. two small glass;
  4. cardboard or an old frame.

    Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

For making anaglyph type the second method we need:

  1. transparent cover plastic case of a CD;
  2. markers (blue and red) or the paint from the printer;
  3. cardboard or an old frame.

For the manufacture of prismatic type with a liquid filler will need:

  • both parts of the case from the CD;
  • scissors; glue for plastic — «Dichloromethane» or «Moment»;
  • abrasive emery cloth;
  • tape;
  • glycerin or distilled water.

    Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

Produced paint

To paint lens markers, it is desirable to use an alcohol-based paint inside. For this you need to squeeze it out of the rod directly on the painted surface.

The tint printer ink will need to open a blue — green ink cartridge and pull with the syringe the required amount of paint. As the jet type printers use only three colors: yellow, Magenta and blue-green to obtain the red paint must be mixed in equal amounts yellow with purple. It should be noted that the paint from the cartridge dries much longer marker.

Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

Do the filter

For the manufacture of devices for viewing anaglyph type the first method, you must:

  • cut from printed transparent film for printers correct size lenses. For each filter you will need two identical lenses;
  • further, on the glass evenly apply red paint and overlapping the first one prepared piece of film, then the second, then glue both lenses coloured side;
  • exactly the same procedure must be conducted with the second pair of film lenses, only use the color blue;
  • it remains to wait for the paint to dry filters.

For making anaglyph filter type, the second method we need:

  1. the transparent part of the case from the CD drive, soaked in hot water (this will facilitate the cutting of the material);
  2. using scissors cut out the lens of the necessary size with a jumper or without (optional);
  3. then edge treated with sandpaper and paint over the surface prepared paint.
  • The manufacture of prismatic filter the type of polarization of the kind carried out in several stages:
  1. preparation of the component parts. At this stage, we produce cutting main parts:
  2. the three vertical pieces of transparent plastic that will act as a lens;
  3. the lower and upper parts;
  4. jumper made of opaque plastic.
  • in the upper horizontal part should make two holes for filling the lens with liquid;
  • the Assembly structure is made by alternately gluing all the parts.

Note the height of the lenses to prevent leakage it must be the same at all parts.

  • after gluing parts you need to handle the seams with a mass of glue and plastic shavings;
  • the filling liquid. For filling it is better to use glycerin, as it has great ability to refract light;
  • the filling is made using a conventional syringe;
  • after the procedure seal the filler hole with duct tape.

Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

Create a frame

The simplest version of rim be frame from conventional points. It is necessary only to remove the old lens and insert the 3D filters.

If none exist, then the frame can be made of cardboard. Cut out the main parts and connecting them using paper glue.

Мастерим 3D очки для компьютера своими руками

For rimless polarization type is plastic, cut the handle or Nauchnye arcs that are attached to the filter with a special adhesive. Disadvantage of this design is that the handle and the arc can not be folded.

Despite the various ways of making all hand made 3D glasses good as a major function the transmission of three-dimensional image. And although they are not always comparable with the purchase, but still fully allow you to enjoy the 3D effect of the content being viewed.

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