Masked viruses

By | 10.12.2018

Disguised viruses

Hello. «Please» one of the things that trying to install on your computer malicious software. Usually , such programs are disguised as legitimate and quite useful app.

It begins with the fact that after starting Windows , the computer screen appears a message saying update to the newest at this time version. The user presses the update button, and almost voluntarily, install on the computer Trojan blocking Windows .

But it will become clear only after a reboot , when You see the requirement to send SMS to unlock the PC, while normally the task Manager and edit registry entries remain unavailable.

I must say that the peak of activity of this method of extortion that occurred at the beginning of 2010 ( but see the ardor of the developers of this case have not fallen to this day ), remember that throughout the week were 3 to 4 phone calls a day asking for help. Moreover, some unique texted , and in the top unikalu was a man sent already 3 pieces ( worth about 10 $ ) .

Now down to business. In this case, the malware cleverly disguised as Adobe Flash Player.

Замаскированные вирусы

Let me remind you that software manufacturers Adobe, do not adhere to such practices. So if You have something similar, I strongly recommend you click the » not set «.

Sometimes of course, that some programs may ask You to upgrade , and this whole thing will only benefit, but if You are unsure that you can do, better not do it .

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