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The how to resolve error 720 when connecting to the Internet

The old joke, once invented to address the TV KVN – «bought, included, does not work» – now increasingly reminded wireless modems in abundance sold by mobile operators, promising fabulous speed, confident communication even at the cottage or camping, and other benefits characteristic of civilized places.

In practice, however, these devices often behave capriciously, not wanting to send his master to the world wide web. This can return different errors. The subject of this article will be the how to resolve error 720 when connecting to the Internet.

That means

When registering in the network, you have the words «Error 720». This diagnosis is associated with a failure of the protocols, and she said most likely not a fault on the modem and that your operating system that is currently on your computer, has its holes.

Инструкция по устранению ошибки 720 при подключении к Интернет

But that’s no reason to rush into things serious and try to reinstall Windows. This remains at the worst case: when the whole system is installed, in the language nerds, «crooked». Often this is called «bad build». By the way, there is a fair and reasonable caution that you do not change the system.

Important! Let’s see how many logical drives your broken hard drive. If several, then most likely getting rid of the old system, you will not lose valuable data, and then only in the case if you kept them strictly not on the system drive.

If you follow the beaten track, keeping files in folders My documents, My pictures, etc., then reinstall the system you will be unsafe. If you have another logical drive, first move the data there.

If your entire hard disk marked with a single letter «C», copy all important to any other media: flash drive, portable hard drive, CD or DVD, mobile phone.

But if you decide to fix the protocols, again without Windows, you will be able to cope without these measures.

Attention! For sure you can create an image of drive «C» below in case you can instead of reinstalling the system just to «climb» with this image.

Possible causes

As mentioned above, the most common cause of error 720 be incorrect parameters PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol). Sometimes their contribution is making an incorrect TCP/IP. By the way, is not always possible to replace it, not getting rid of the driver for the «WAN Miniport» and not reinstalling it.

In order to achieve connection to the Internet, you have to reinstall this driver, and it is a science, so just remove it and put again obtained only with the help of a number of knowledge.

Video: Error 720. No configured PPP control protocols

Solve the problem

The first thing you have to do is not be afraid to make changes on their own. In this case, the way to retreat you have. Even if your venture does not work, you can get a computer wizard, which you say that «all was well». But if you manage to restore your Internet connection personally, then just save money on payment services. Let’s start with the most simple.

If you have exhausted all the tips on the website of the operator that issued the modem, and you have nothing left, then take the initiative into their own hands.

Reinstall the driver

You have an error 720 when connecting to the Internet Beeline? Each device when connected to a computer requires driver installation. You can either download the appropriate resource, either bring the laptop in service, where you install it. Possible, appropriate programs are available on the modem.

Инструкция по устранению ошибки 720 при подключении к Интернет

In some cases the driver may refuse to work outright, though not immediately, but after a few runs. And then you have to install it again. Most importantly, do not make a mistake and download the driver for your system. Must match not only the version but also the bit width is 64 or 32.

What owners of bilaynovsky modems yet? Because the computer simply «sees».

Then you have to do the following:

  1. insert the modem into the USB connector;
  2. look, if installing, if not, read the system message. If the SIM card is not detected, then proceed to the next item;
  3. go to Windows Explorer, in the folder «Computer» where «Properties» look for the «Hardware» tab and click «device Manager». Among the «Other devices» will be seen and our. But instead of one record may be as many as three or as «Unknown device». This means that your computer is not «seeing» the modem. We have to be;

    Инструкция по устранению ошибки 720 при подключении к Интернет

  4. right click the shortcut go to menu program «Beeline Internet at home» by clicking its shortcut. We opened the settings, select the Compatibility tab and put a check next to phrase at the bottom «Run this program as an administrator».

After these simple manipulations the system should allow you to reinstall the drivers manually. Just have to find the folder where they are and pick one. It is not excluded that will have to do overload. After the Internet connection should work as is required of him.

Configuring PPP

Despite the fact that the diagnosis is often the computer gives an error, referring to the absence or inadequate maintenance of the RRR, we are talking about the lower layer protocols, which include ip protocols, or TCP/IP. Therefore, in many directions, you will be met immediately go to work with these protocols.

As for PPP, it is considered a protected communication channel, a variety of which can be rrtr – the so-called «tunnel» the Protocol of communication. But let’s leave all the differences of names and move on to concrete action.

The main recommendations in a situation when the system complains misalignment control protocols:

  • in the «Properties», under «LAN Connection» in the line «Internet Protocol TCP/IP» tick;
  • to verify the integrity of system files by going to the Windows command prompt (Win+R) and typing in: sfc /scannow

    Инструкция по устранению ошибки 720 при подключении к Интернет

  • reset the network card drivers.

Something of the operations may help.

Reset ip Protocol and Cache

Will have to work with the Windows command prompt:

  1. press Win+R or via menu «start» + «Programs» + «Standard» + «Command line». It should open;
  2. set command: netsh int ip reset reset log.txt;
  3. issuing the command: netsh winsock reset;
  4. if necessary, create a new VPN connection.

Attention! After that, you can not operate some programs that retrieve data from the Internet. Such behavior is the norm, his work shall be restored by reinstalling those programs, and as a consequence should not scare you.

Restore Winsock

If configuration is corrupted the Winsock specification, it is necessary to perform a reset of this specification, that is, to repeat 3rd paragraph from the previous list.

Инструкция по устранению ошибки 720 при подключении к Интернет

To do this, specify the command:

netsh winsock reset.

At the same time we naturally return to the initial settings of the system, i.e. lose some settings have time to register in the specification for the time when we had to install on the computer antivirus programs of various agents and other products, working directly with the network.

If you find that any of them have ceased to work, reinstallation of the product will help you painless to begin working with him in the former regime. But you can connect via modem, eliminating the error 720. If this surgery didn’t work, it may be advisable «to carry» erroneous keys in the registry, and reinstall TCP/IP.

Remove incorrect registry keys

If the registry will detect corrupted partitions, it can also have a negative effect on the operation of the Internet connection. The registry is sort of the heart of Windows, so handle it carefully.

Инструкция по устранению ошибки 720 при подключении к Интернет

  1. go to a command prompt: Win+R;
  2. deleted: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlsetserviceswinsock;
  3. deleted: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlsetserviceswinsock2;
  4. safely reboot because the system will restore these records, and they will not damaged;
  5. go to TCP/IP.

Attention! More than anything in the registry editor, do not touch!

The TCP/IP Protocol

After such major changes to the protocols need to install again. To do this:

  1. right-click the network connection and select «Properties»;
  2. are you searching for «Set»;
  3. select «Protocol» click «Add»;
  4. select the install «disk»;
  5. in the line type in: C:Windowsinf and confirm;
  6. when you see the list of protocols it finds TCP/IP and sell it.

As a result, we installed TCP/IP. But if this is not enough to make the modem Beeline, MegaFon or MTS gained with your computer, you have to intervene in the WAN Miniport driver.

WAN miniport

If you reinstalled this cranky driver, then success is likely to be provided. However, when conducting such an operation, you may encounter pitfalls. If the removal of problems can not arise, then again to put this control programme difficult.

The problem is that Windows, offer a list of drivers from which to choose, and it is not just Miniport WAN:

  • delete the existing TCP/IP Protocol;

    Инструкция по устранению ошибки 720 при подключении к Интернет

  • for this we need to get back into the registry editor where to find the recording:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlsetcontrolclass{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002bE10318};
  • To find the branch that is specific to the Miniport and remove it;
  • find in the Explorer program: C:Windowsinfnetrasa.inf;
  • find [ControlFlags], where it is necessary to «comment out» all lines, including those where the described names of the drivers. That is, at the beginning of each of them to put a semicolon. To do so until the next paragraph.

After these manipulations with the control flags, the system will not «know» what drivers should install and which not. It’s better to reinstall a WAN Miniport.

After that you can reinstall TCP/IP.

Инструкция по устранению ошибки 720 при подключении к Интернет

Error connecting modem MTS and Beeline

When connecting modems MTS and Beeline can appear faulty, in the article we discussed a complicated case – the error 720. It occurs not so often, but to be frightened it is not necessary, as the ways to overcome it as described above.


Similar methods can be used to diagnose faults, when the computer gives other errors when trying to connect via modem to any of the mobile operators. All of these problems, including the speed drop solved.

So in conclusion I will add that it is not rare to encounter a hardware issue simply because of the fact that a neighbor is too powerful Wi-Fi router that blocks the signal 3G/4G mobile operator.

The reception may be unsatisfactory if:

  • honeycomb are far;
  • you are in the basement concrete homes.

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