manual crimping of twisted pair

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Manual crimping of twisted pair

Today twisted pair is the most reliable way to transfer information. Due to the large number of different types possible its application in a variety of conditions, even very adverse. Many varieties are equipped with special screen of thick foil.

For some IT professionals the most difficult step in laying a wired network is not so much its setting, as the pressing of connectors. This operation is not a big deal.

But, at the same time, require certain skills of work with the tool. To perform the compression quickly and efficiently, you need to remember a large number of different nuances – all of them have to comply.

Types of twisted pair

Today twisted pair is the type of cable that consists of several conductors, twisted in pairs between themselves. Cable of this type is double insulated.

Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

There are many different kinds of cable of this type.

The most common modifications:

  1. unshielded, UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) – the shield is completely absent;
  2. foiled, FTP (Foiled twisted pair) – has a special layer of metallic foil that acts as protection against electromagnetic interference;
  3. shielded, STP (Shielded twisted pair) – has two screens, for each core separately and the General;
  4. foil shielded, S/FTP (Screened Foiled twisted pair) – there is a shield made of copper braid, each core is also covered with a copper foil;
  5. without protection, U/STP (Screened Unshielded twisted pair) – screen sharing, but each core is insulated with foil;
  6. protected, shielded, F/UTP (Screened Foiled Unshielded twisted pair) – has two protective screen (regular foil and copper).

Depending on the species, each conductor can be stranded and solid wire. Also consider a cable divided not only by type of screening, but the method of application. Today often can be found in the sale of individual modifications (all of which are used for mounting LAN):

  1. CAT-6 – data transfer rate is 10 GB/s over a distance of up to 55 m;
  2. CAT-6a – speed data transmission up to 10 Gbit/s over a distance of up to 100 m;
  3. CAT-7a – data transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps at a distance up to 50 m, to 100 Gbit/s for distances up to 15 m.

A feature of all examined species is the value of wave resistance is 100 Ohms (+/- 15).

Wiring diagrams

There are two schemes under consideration swage cable:

  • video – for connection computer router;
  • cross (sometimes called «reverse») – used to connect two network cards to PC.

Cross-connection scheme used to connect a personal computer to the old switch models.

When using the direct scheme, a valid application of the two locations lived:

  • TIA/EIA-568A;

    Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

  • TIA/EIA-569B.

When using cross-schema also has two locations lived by color.

They differ not only the name of the standard, but also speed:

  • EIA/TIA-568B on one side and EIA/TIA568A, on the other hand, is used to create networks with speed up to 100 Mbps;

    Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

  • EIA/TIA-568B is used for networking speeds of 1000 Mbps.

    Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

The first option is used very often in the case when you need a twisted pair cable with internal kassirova, the so-called «crossover». It is often used for small local networks consisting of two PC connected directly with each other.

Tools and materials

To implement such a simple process like crimping of twisted pair cable requires special tools and materials:

  • The 8-pole connector standard RJ-45;

    Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

  • pliers for Stripping and pressing.

    Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

For convenience, you will need special installation knife – it can be purchased in any hardware store. In its absence, it is permissible to use ordinary stationery.

This item will need to cut total isolation. It is necessary to obtain access to individual veins. To perform the cutting must be as careful to avoid kinking of the conductors.

It happens that the special pliers for any reason, you may be missing. This is not a big problem, a swage can be run using a conventional knife or flathead screwdriver, or object having such form.

Video: Straight and cross crimping

The process of crimping the twisted pair 4 core

If there are special pliers for crimping the twisted pair, the pressing process becomes hassle free. This operation consists of several stages. Despite its simplicity, must be performed as carefully as possible. This will avoid all sorts of problems later in the setup process.

The crimping process of cable includes the following steps:

  1. with a special installation knife cut the outer layer of insulation, all individual transactions need to dissolve in the parties;

    Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

  2. be sure to choose the length of the individual wires – they should all be the same, pruning is done with a special cutting edge on the clamp;
  3. after necessary length is selected, it is important to carefully arrange all the transactions in the order;

    Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

  4. with your fingers gently insert into the corresponding slots of each wire;

    Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

  5. with the help of a special connector on the clamp to crimp it is necessary to extrude a twisted pair inside a special plastic tip (type RG-45).

    Инструкция по обжиму витой пары

When you perform this simple, but having its own characteristics, need to be aware of the following details:

  • strip the ends of the lived no need contacts pierce the insulation on their own, with fairly strong pressure on the handle mites;
  • it is necessary to observe the integrity of the insulation sheath, its violation leads to interference and other problems in the network;
  • after cutting the top layer of insulation should be left a sufficient quantity in order to she went inside of the plastic tip and latched special clamping ledge.

The last point is very important. Especially if the wire is constantly moving around the room with the laptop. Rigid fixing of the twisted pair allows to minimize the fracture of individual wires at the base of the connector. Thus, it is possible to avoid the re-crimping process of cable.

Crimping RG-45, screwdriver or the like to compress without the tool

Quality tool for crimping connector RG-45 is quite expensive. So buy it for one or two times does not make sense. But, at the same time, perform the swage is still necessary. A way out of this situation becomes a regular slotted screwdriver with a thin but very durable. In addition to the screwdriver you will also need stationery, or any other sharp knife.

The process of crimping the connector with a screwdriver includes the following main stages:

  • Stripping twisted pair from insulation to a sufficient length;
  • dismantling it by color, select the desired order;
  • using tweezers or just your fingers be distributed separate wiring troughs;
  • placing the connector on a hard surface with the contacts facing up, you should push them with maximum power (individually), observing with care.

When all contacts are well Pragati, carefully press into the groove located on the other end of the connector, a screwdriver. Thus, it will be fixed external insulation and all of the individual pairs of wires. It is very important to carry out crimped very carefully. The probability is simply not to calculate the force and break the thin plastic connector. In order to avoid damage of material to be performed very carefully. Crimp connector RG-45 – process is not the easiest.

Despite this, many even very experienced users able to implement it yourself. Moreover, a special tool is not absolutely necessary, it is possible to use improvised tools (a screwdriver and a very sharp knife).

The cost of consumables (connector and cable) is low. However, use caution – as improper arrangement of the individual wires will not allow you to properly configure the local network, it simply will not work. Also, do not subject the material to excessive mechanical loads – with enough careful handling can easily be damaged.

Observing all the rules and completing each activity with maximum meticulously, can save a large amount of time. A properly crimped wire will allow you to spend minimum time on the correct configuration of LAN.

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