manual — configuring local area network using a router in Windows 7 and Windows 8

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Manual — configuring local area network using a router in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Just, a few years ago, setting up a local network via a router DIR 300 in Windows 7, and Windows 8 could be produced only by a specialist. Today this simple, thanks to full automation, the operation can be performed even by inexperienced user. Need only a computer, the Internet and the router.

Connecting the router

When multiple home devices, you can use a common communication channel, but in the presence of only one wire, in this case, the router simply irreplaceable.

The router device with an individual power supply, in connection with which, every computer, regardless of quantity, receives free access to the Internet.

To the router (the router) can connect multiple devices simultaneously: the e-book, smart phone, console, laptop, computer and tablet.

Инструкция - настройка локальной сети через роутер в Windows 7 и Windows 8

Connection gadgets will provide each of them access to the Internet and will help the rapid exchange of information.

Connection for the router may be done in two ways:

  1. wired;
  2. wireless.

This varies from router to router (Wi-Fi), and the desire of the user. For example, configuring local area network using a router the dir 30 – not a difficult job to perform which even an inexperienced user.

The instruction manual for the wired connection:

  • UTP network cable if needed to compress;
  • connect the router to the mains;
  • attach the cables gadgets;
  • configure network functions.

Connection through the router just creates a network between multiple computers but also protects them from some damage (for example: the wear of the cable provider, a rupture of this cable, the lightning).

Into the corresponding socket of the router is inserted from the cable provider. Then, in the settings of the router registers the IP address of the user, the secondary network mask, main gateway, two DNS servers (preferred and alternate). Additionally, you can copy the replay of the MAC address of the network card, password and login access to the network.

Basically, models of routers include four sockets for connecting. Each of them is carried out on a single algorithm. Then, you should check and configure your network connections.

Video: How to connect a router

Checking the physical connection

After completing the necessary work, you should verify proper operation of switches and cables, that is, the existence of a functional physical connection between the gadgets.

This will require the ping utility that checks the stability of the TCP/IP settings and testing other nodal connections. The process consists of sending a batch of limited data at the settings specified in the address.

Under the rules, received information packet, each network device immediately sends a response. The communication line between the configurations is broken or missing, if there is no reply within a certain time.

Before use, the ping utility, do the following:

  • the computers are checked for the existence of a link should be included;
  • to make the commands start/Run;
  • enter the command ping to verify the functionality of the utility;
  • address in the command, replace the address of the local computer, this will allow to check the operation of the network card;
  • to check the target computer (for example, ping, if the answer is the string «timed out for the request», it is a confirmation of a fault switch or cable.

Send to the network a large number of packages using the – t switch, detachable from the ping command with a space.

How to set up a local network via a router with wi fi

Wi Fi the router is necessary for uniting in one network two or more devices to share various folders, files, disks, to permit the exchange of information.

Инструкция - настройка локальной сети через роутер в Windows 7 и Windows 8


  • Wi-Fi router connected to a virtual network with automatic IP and DNS:
  • a computer that has a wired connection to the Internet;
  • a computer operating system similar to the first but having a Wi-Fi connection .

Start the connection via wifi in Windows 7

First, check the connection by ping command. For this we find in the browser settings of the router. Performed in just a few clicks necessary to navigate through the menus and search. If, after pressing «Enter» will start the exchange of packets between devices, the connection works.

Инструкция - настройка локальной сети через роутер в Windows 7 и Windows 8

You need to disable antivirus, Windows firewall and firewalls in the case when the first issue with network connectivity. You can then proceed to perform the settings of an existing network.

After checking the working groups of gadgets, specify the name or change that must be done, if any. The same should be asked for the password.

The work is done, the network is configured. Left to restart all the computers.

LAN in Windows 7

To configure adapter settings (mask and IP), perform the necessary actions, after which displays the entire range of Internet connections:

  1. you should choose the one that corresponds to the adapter plug-in computer;
  2. in the Properties find «Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)» which is used for the connection;
  3. then, enter the IP address.

You should pay attention to the fact that the last digit of this is the device number, that is, depending on how many of them are connected in a particular network for a first type – 1, the second 2, and so on.

The subnet mask is automatically set after pressing the «subnet Mask».

Инструкция - настройка локальной сети через роутер в Windows 7 и Windows 8

Now all the gadgets connected to the network appear in the Network menu, but access to each one of them will happen regarding the settings registered in «control Center network and sharing».

Shared access to documents

To open the General access to documents on the computer 1 select the desired folder and in the properties open access. To allow changes to the content other users on the network need to allow access.

In network neighborhood of the computer 2, find all computers that are in a workgroup and click the link.

After these steps, the computer 1 will display the shared folder.

Two router network

Sometimes it is necessary connect two routers. It is also possible to do it yourself.

Инструкция - настройка локальной сети через роутер в Windows 7 и Windows 8

First prepare the network wire and decide what effect we wish to obtain as a result of actions: connecting existing local networks, single point of access to the Internet, connecting devices, wired and wirelessly, to the second router.

Using Wi-Fi or network cable, you can connect to the network two router.

If you are using cable connection, one end connects to the base unit (LAN), and the second is inserted in the second(WAN). After getting all the necessary information about the request, finish installing tick automatically obtain IP address the second router.

Using wireless network information to connect the routers you just need to enter the settings of the second router and searching for wireless networks to join Wi-Fi network created by the time the first device. Next you should do the same steps as during a wired connection.

Local network in Windows 8

The new Windows 8 makes available movies, games, conversations with friends, work in the Office, look for favorite apps by the Windows Store directly from the screen.

For settings go:

  1. in the start menu, is displayed on the screen of the gadget when booting Windows 8;
  2. then make the transition in a few clicks go to the connections for Windows 8 it Ethernet;
  3. In the properties find «Internet Protocol version 4 TCP/IPv4»;
  4. open the General tab;
  5. select «Obtain an IP address automatically» and «Obtain DNS server automatically».

Agree with the «OK», and this action will complete the setup of a local network Windows 8. Check run connectivity and Internet access, you can simply press the «Connect».

Инструкция - настройка локальной сети через роутер в Windows 7 и Windows 8

Striking is the fact that setting up a local network via a router windows 8 and earlier OS versions are similar. The only difference between them is the entrance to settings. But eight users are already familiar with this item, using hotkeys and search engine. Once you find the control panel, all other actions the owner of a Windows 8 performs similar to the previous versions.

The connection and verification

When you connect and configure wireless connection, you should check the basic settings:

  • electrical connection of the access point;
  • check its functionality with other devices (device discovery, reports on its work);
  • check the installation of the drivers.
  • to produce the enable network adapter if it is turned off;
  • click the icon of Internet access to test network setup.

Network printer

To share a network printer on the local network should find the connected device in the folder «printers and faxes» located on the main PC. In the menu of the printer agree with the availability of the device for all computers and it will automatically be defined on all computers having a local connection.

Инструкция - настройка локальной сети через роутер в Windows 7 и Windows 8

For further use of equipment located in a single access from computers connected to the public network, you must perform step-by-step wizard in the connections folder «add printer».

  • first, select the item, which referred to a network printer, connect to another gadget;
  • secondly, you need to make a survey of printers;
  • thirdly, if you believe in frequent or constant use of the equipment agree to use it by default.

When you are finished making settings, connect your gadgets using the network card using Network Bridge.

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