Manager password RoboForm got a version for Windows 8/RT

By | 10.12.2018

Password Manager RoboForm got a version for Windows 8/RT

Perhaps those of you who use software to manage passwords, has made its choice in favor of LastPass or RoboForm. While the first of these programs available in the Windows Store for quite a long time, the official RoboForm app for Windows 8 was released just now. Let’s find out what it has to offer.

Users of the desktop version of RoboForm that long awaited version of the app with support for touch-screens have finally been heard. New app weighs less than 1 megabyte and is available for x86, x64 and ARM, so you can use it on both desktop and touch devices with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, as well as on tablets with Windows RT. I fell in love with this app after a few minutes of use, mainly for its simplicity and nice design.

For those who don’t know, RoboForm is a password Manager and form filler that can automatically remember your passwords. Thus, thanks to this tool you do not have to remember all your passwords, and you don’t ever have to enter them again.

Менеджер паролей RoboForm получил версию для Windows 8/RTМенеджер паролей RoboForm получил версию для Windows 8/RTМенеджер паролей RoboForm получил версию для Windows 8/RT

When you launch the app the first time, you will need to log in to your account and if you do not, you can create a new one directly inside the app. The «Help» section will help you to understand how to use the app, if you havent used RoboForm.

Because the architecture of Windows 8 does not allow any integration, RoboForm relies on your own browser. Using this app you can easily save and store your passwords in one place and sync them with your other computers and mobile devices. In General, if you have more than ten important online accounts, this utility is a must. To download RoboForm for Windows 8, follow the link below.

The app was not found in the store. ? #wpappbox

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