Making the right signature in email

By | 10.12.2018

Making the right signature in the email

Using modern technology, people increasingly use electronic versions of letters and documents, refusing paper copies. Become digital libraries, magazines and even companies completely move to the Internet.

In such a world, it is impossible not to put the signature in the email, which will initialize you in the eyes of the reader. Whether it’s a magazine article or a letter to a future client necessarily tedious to introduce myself.

The types of signatures

The signature may have promotional value, to be an indicator of specialization of your activities and indicate professionalism. With proper processing and use of mailing lists among the customers it can bring tangible profit and have an impact on the choice of product or services in the future.

As a rule, most advertisers do not take the signature into account, considering that the basic meaning carries the body of the email. However, it is not so. The signature may be either at the beginning (for example, in a business letter when you use a logo or abbreviation of the company), and at the end of the email(transcript, explanation).

Оформление правильной подписи в электронном письме

The email can contain absolutely any data. This can be a message about the new business of the company or product, or just holiday greetings. The most important thing in this letter is signed, without it many readers do not even start reading. Whereas, if it be bright and relevant, it will attract the reader to the entire document.

You can select multiple signature options:

  • with the contents of the company name and the name of the author;
  • with advertising of new products and services;
  • with a picture logo and company name;
  • with a hint of the activities of the company;
  • the advertising slogan.

Selection of the desired signature depends on the nature of your business and topics of writing. Most large companies use 2-3 kinds, often using them in one letter.

But remember not to overload the signature for several reasons:

  1. in order not to distract the reader from the main theme of the letter;
  2. not to lose the attention of the recipient;
  3. that message did not look like advertising.

Video: how to Create a signature on Google mail

The signature Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular and fast email service. It is very easy to use and has flexible settings. A developer service is a world famous company Google.

Proper configuration

In order to use mail service, you must register.

Оформление правильной подписи в электронном письме

If you have previously undergone the procedure of registration in one of the services provided by Google, you can use the same data for authorization on the mail server.

Once logged into your account, you will receive access to the settings of your box. They include the display of emails and contacts, as well as edit the functions of the autoresponder, spam bot and encodings.

Among the General settings there is an option select and edit signature. Changing the parameters you should pay attention that they are identical with the text message.

That is, in the signature you can:

  • to change the type and font size;
  • choose the color of the message as well as settings for display (italic, bold, underline);
  • insert link;
  • to add a picture;
  • to configure the lists, the formatting and indents.
  • mail correspondence with the client is very important option would be to use citation.

Citation may be given a special role, because it is through this setting is more convenient and remarkable for the client to use advertising slogans to be added to the picture-logo or company name.

Most interesting is that the service allows to distribute signatures. If you correspond with groups of clients or a steady correspondence with different people, you can configure multiple addresses or groups of their signatures, which is very convenient.


Any message can always be edited. As soon as you need to change the signature, you can do so in your account settings. When you have finished editing not forget to save the changes.

Insert the link

The link to the site with the aim of advertising and promotion, as well as attracting new customers is an indispensable tool in any letter. So you should pay special attention to it.

If you are going to pay attention to several features in the signature, you can do it, briefly describing them. A link on the page provided by the product, the potential buyer will have the target as it moved. The customer will not have to search long for what he needs, and so the probability that he will buy more.

Insert the image

The logo is an indispensable part of the representation of any company. If you do not have your indicate, or it is in development, you can insert a photo of the building your company (it is desirable that the name was visible) or just a nice design the company name in the picture, or even animation.

The advantage of using images is to draw attention. Bright picture with a themed logo will interest the reader, and he reads the slogan or offer. So you poreklamirovat your firm and will make the recipient of the letter to remember her image and what it is.

Insert the HTML code

HTML code in message or in the signature can turn it into a true masterpiece, beautifully decorated, prepared and original. Many people use this method for sending the same template. For example, if you need to send the same message to hundreds of customers, and to replace only the name of the recipient.

Оформление правильной подписи в электронном письме

To add HTML code in message body or signature, you just need to insert it.

However, it is necessary to consider some nuances:

  • a tags the code will not be processed by the mail server;
  • apparently, the service recipient will not support code display or part thereof;
  • may have problems with encoding.

We finish the edit

After completing operations with your new signature, don’t forget to save it. To see how beautiful and creative looks to your creation, you send yourself a message.

Оформление правильной подписи в электронном письме

To do this, click the «Write letter» and in the address field, enter your mailbox. If the signature you don’t like it, edit it, repeating the operation again.

Video: signature

Creative signature on the service

If you need creative animated signature, but designers can not afford, there is a special service. On the website free and very fast to make a wonderful and unusual animation, with no knowledge of graphic design is not necessary.

Оформление правильной подписи в электронном письме

All you need to do is:

  1. to visit the resource;
  2. click the «Start Now» in the upper left corner;
  3. choose one of the sources of pictures: scanned image, text input, or a digital signature with a special device (for beginners it is recommended to use the automatic creation feature – Using the signature creation wizard);
  4. enter the name or text you want to see on the signature;
  5. choose the font;
  6. to select the size of pictures;
  7. choose a color;
  8. to determine the angle of the labels.

All the picture of your signature ready. You can easily insert it in the settings of your email client or account, and all your readers will see a bright sign with the name of your company.

If you want to obtain the animated image, it’s a paid service. However, unlike design, is inexpensive, and attracts the attention of a lot more.

Creating a signature for your email messages very carefully the design and content. Do not go overboard with some meaning and not make the signature bulky. Short, sonorous slogan and properly designed logo is a guarantee that your signature will attract customers better than any advertising.

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