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By | 27.04.2016

Avast Free Antivirus

Antivirus Avast — the best free antivirus

In the late 1980s, the Czech programmers Eduard Kucera and Pavel Baudisch developed a program to protect computers from malicious programs, which they then called «anti-virus advanced set» ( AVAST). It turned out that the word avast translated to English language means «stop!» And so came the name of anti-virus of Avast — the most common free anti-virus product.

Advantages of Avast anti-virus!

Full functionality for free

Antivirus Avast! Free is completely free of charge and at the same time, a full-featured antivirus protection comparable in functionality with premium products.

Display a file system check the files on your hard disk when they are accessed. Firewall scans all network connections and blocks network addresses, spreading malware. The screen behavior blocking even those viruses that have not yet entered into the anti-virus database on the basis of their behavior. Script Shield scans all executable scripts for malicious actions. chat screen provides secure communication in ICQ and other instant messengers. P2P Shield provides security in the peer to peer networks and torrent trackers. Web Shield scans the downloaded web traffic for malicious or potentially dangerous programs. Mail Shield scans all attachments in incoming email messages.

It does not require any action from you

Avast Antivirus provides automatic protection for your computer, without requiring any action from the user. It automatically scans the files on your hard disk, run programs and Web sites that you visit.

Updating anti-virus database is also done automatically.

When a threat is detected Avast automatically locks it and moves the infected file to the quarantine. From you as no action is required. All the necessary operations Avast performs without question.

Safe Environment SandBox (sandbox)

Untested and suspicious programs, for example, downloaded from the Internet, Avast launches in an isolated virtual environment. All actions that performs a program in this mode only have an effect in the virtual environment. Thus, all changes in the system made in the virtual environment are not performed in the case of actual execution of the malware eliminated together with its closure.

Not slows computer

Avast Antivirus is very sparingly consumed system resources of the computer. It does not slow down performance even on a netbook. This allocates it for the better, while the more severe toll products without giving them as protection.

Download free antivirus software Avast! Free

Download the distribution of free antivirus Avast! Free version can be from multiple servers:

Download free antivirus software Avast! Free

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