Light Alloy: why is it better to use it

By | 10.12.2018

The program Light Alloy: distinguishing features and functions

If you want to download the program to view the video in all formats, your choice will certainly fall on the time-tested, universal, media player, Light Alloy, which works with all popular audio and video files.

A distinctive feature of the program is its simplicity, intuitive interface and flexible settings, which positively affects the speed of work and minimizes the load on the system. This program allows quickly, without delay, to rewind the video — whether it’s a quick five-minute video or a huge feature film.

Программа Light Alloy: почему лучше использовать именно ее

The program can be operated by remote control (WinLIRC), can be minimized to the system tray that loads and processes the credits (where provided in the video) and works with videos that contain multiple audio tracks in multilingual films. It can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image.

Also the software for viewing the video Light Alloy fully supports the functionality of the DVD.

The program features Light Alloy

So, the key functions of the program Light Alloy:

  • the program sets its own audio/video codecs, plus allows you to install your own for specified formats of video;
  • full support for subtitles;
  • very fast download speed player and a min load on the system, ideal for computers with weak video card.
  • full support of DVD format
  • the compatibility with the program WinLIRC — which allows you to control player from virtually any remote control;
  • the playback speed control from slow (up to single-frame playback) to a two-fold acceleration.
  • advanced sound control: sound enhancement, hardware alignment, the offset of the sound if the sound in the video «in a hurry» or Vice versa is delayed;
  • management and flexible configuration video and audio filters;
  • arbitrary resizing of the player window with the possibility of keeping the aspect ratio of the video, and without saving;
  • convenient playlist that allows you to use bookmarks and tags to the list or on the «timeline» (the bar displayed at any minute of viewing you are now) that will generate a table with a list of videos to export and import a playlist to take screenshots (screen capture) with the video;
  • for playback of files you can just drag the mouse on the player resume video playback from the place where it was completed (even in case of an emergency closure, or restart).
  • view detailed technical information of the playback file;
  • support so-called hot keys;
  • convenient function «add similar in name to the list and automatically dissipate opening theme/ending» for those who like to watch multiple videos in a row, without leaving the chair, and still holding a glass of Cola and popcorn;
  • the player remembers all the settings that you were watching a specific file and the next run uses these settings, so you can view different videos with different settings;
  • the program supports «portable», i.e. the transfer of the program (no installation, just copying) to another computer or using it on a removable medium such as a CD/DVD or flash drive.

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