LG X View: review of smartphone with all faults

By | 10.12.2018

Review for smartphone LG X View with all its shortcomings

The South Korean brand recently very arrogant, and today we will talk about one of the most unusual and bizarre smartphones, which you should avoid. One of the main disadvantages of the model X View is overly inflated price.

The fact that this smartphone there is absolutely nothing worth to pay an average of about $ 200. No performance processor, high battery life, quality build, considering how crooked the entrance is located under the headphones, and other elements on a smartphone. And materials something doesn’t add up. The fact that the back cover is made of plastic with a glued on top film, but the descriptions in all the online stores write that it’s glass, and such listed on the official website of LG.

Permanent memory of the in the description of 16 gigabytes is available for just 8-9 since the majority of memory is taken up by the operating system services from Google and LG, and from the latter it is impossible to get rid of. RAM 2 GB is not enough for him to complete the work, because the use of them are available only 700-800 megabytes, which makes this smartphone is not suitable for gaming and heavy applications.

LG X View: обзор смартфона со всеми недостатками

Camera as well can’t please excellent image quality, as the focus periodically slows down and there is no stabilization, so recorded the mobile video, look just awful. Despite the fact that top-mounted microphone for active noise cancellation, audio recording may not boast of normal quality.

We would like to talk about the operating system, it’s really trash. The fact that the basis was derived from the V10 model, along with additional unusual display, which makes it impossible to update over the air. Apparently. After all, during the entire usage time of the smartphone, it does not come to a single operating system upgrade or any patches to ensure better security, despite the fact that from the moment of purchase has passed more than two years.

Conclusions can do yourself. Buy LG X View will bring nothing but disappointment and if you wish to save should pay attention to the fact that for the same $ 200 you can buy better and more powerful smartphones.

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