LG and Microsoft will cooperate in the field of TV

By | 10.12.2018

LG and Microsoft will cooperate in the field of televisions

At the exhibition Mobile World Congress in February, Microsoft announced new hardware partners, as well as the return of old – ZTE and LG. The Koreans, however, on the same day denied the assumption that they will release new smartphones with Windows Phone in 2014.

Recently on Twitter there was an interesting message from user @h0x0d, which results in a link to the page of the professional social network LinkedIn. The information on this page makes it clear that Jung-young Lee, who is program Manager at Microsoft since 1997, began working for the Korean unit of the software giant. Among his new tasks, a joint development with LG phones, operating systems, and televisions.

This, in turn, means that at least a few things. First, what LG apparently did not completely abandon Windows Phone, as evidenced by a prototype of a smartphone with the operating system, which appeared online in the spring. Joint work on Windows 9 is not something unexpected, considering that Microsoft has always developed operating systems in close cooperation with OEMs.

Perhaps the most interesting news is that Microsoft and LG will work on something in the field of televisions. Of course, at this point we can only assume that we are talking about the TV with some version of Windows, project, related to Xbox, or something else entirely.

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