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By | 27.04.2016

If you, as the Constitution of the Russian Federation, it is believed that an adult has the right to decide which sites to visit, learn simple ways to bypass any interlocks. Especially because the legislation of these cunning tricks not yet banned.

Easily!  Visit Blocked SitesBrowsers with Turbo function
originally created the Turbo function for Opera browsers to speed up the loading of pages on a slow connection. Later it turned out that this technology helps to bypass some restrictions. Once you are entered in a browser that the site address information from it is sent to you, and is transmitted to the proxy servers which compress data and from there get on your computer. Therefore, the provider believes that at this moment you are on the server browser developer, rather than read an article about pyatilistnye tobacco plants.

Turbo function is in the browsers Opera and Yandex Browser . By the way, Yandex Browser you can even install on your computer, since it does not require administrator rights.

This method allows you to watch portals listed in the register of Roskomnadzor, and blocked at work sites (but not always, depends on blocking techniques).

Tor Browser

Tor technology was developed not anyhow who, as a research laboratory of the Naval Forces of the USA, to leave no trace of enemy logs and securely transmit military secrets through networks. In 2002, it was officially declassified, and independent developers have adapted it for ordinary users and posted for free use.

When you launch the browser the Tor , created by an anonymous network connection based on the «onion routing».

The military now use Tor to get information from public sources. In addition, it has become one of the most popular ways to break through the Great Chinese Firewall. Chinese dissidents know a lot of anonymity!

Program Hotspot Shield

In addition to the Tor system is very popular among the Chinese Hotspot Shield program. When you run it creates an encrypted connection, and your computer is assigned a temporary the IP-address of any civilized country. This opens access to sites closed to Russia, like https://www.netflix.com or https://www.zappos.com .


This is the easiest way to view a blocked site. To do this, simply enter the address on the website-anonymizer. The method has several disadvantages: slow speed, charge off advertising, the inability to log in «inside» the exposed site (see video VKontakte unlikely to succeed). In fact, the method is suitable only for a visit of simple static pages. But remember it is: perhaps he will need you in the near future, to read «Lolita» or download the «Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas».

Some popular sites-anonymizer:





Users note: as anonymizer can speak and Google translator . Insert it in a URL, and you will be available, along with a translation of the page and also its original source.

Plug-ins for browsers

The above-anonymizer site https://www.hidemyass.com releases plugins for Chrome and Firefox browsers. They violate the ban will be even easier and more enjoyable. Enjoy!

Plugin for Chrome
plugin for Firefox

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