Leaked Windows 10 Build 10051 new Mail and Calendar apps

By | 11.12.2018

Leak Windows 10 Build 10051 new apps Mail and Calendar

As expected, there was a leak new build of Windows 10, the existence of which we learned a few days earlier. We are talking about 10051, to be exact. Bild 10049 is the latest version of Windows 10 that is available officially.

The main innovation in the Assembly 10051 is the presence in it of new applications «Mail» and «Calendar», which will replace the existing ones in Windows 8.1.

Both apps got a new design interface. The mail client is visually very similar to Outlook for iOS and Android, and includes the famous (and controversial) button «hamburger» in the upper left corner. It also offers customizable gestures to perform quick actions with the email, such as archiving and deleting.

The new calendar application looks like Outlook 2013, but it looks much easier. It allows you to work with calendars, create and edit events with all information fields that should be expected from any app in this category.

Another interesting feature is full support for Google accounts (each of the two applications) and the ability to use a background image in your Inbox to be displayed in the reading pane when there are no selected messages.

According to The Verge, soon these apps will be renamed to Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar. It is likely that in future builds they will have some new features that will make them more powerful and complete tools.

A brief overview of new applications from WinBeta:

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