Leak Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10056

By | 10.12.2018

Leak Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10056

Yesterday Microsoft officially released a new pre-assembled (10051) Windows 10 for smartphones, and with it, the network got build 10056 desktop version of the operating system, although unofficially.

Noticeable improvements it was subjected to tablet mode, i.e. a function that reconfigures the elements of the interface for a comfortable interaction with the touch screen.

In the new Assembly, if you turn on tablet mode (via action center), all applications in the taskbar are removed and the UI is replaced with less crowded, which provides access exclusively to the start screen, virtual desktops and the Cortana digital assistant. In addition, the start screen got a new animation.

Other notable innovations in the Assembly 10056:

  • New app «Weather» and «news»
  • New dark theme for the start menu and action center
  • Cortana can recognize music
  • Updated user interface the Windows date and time
  • The size of the start menu can be changed
  • New icon for the recycle bin
  • New icon «View tasks»

An overview of the changes in this version:

Once again, this build is not distributed officially in the program Windows Insider, but you can easily find it on the Internet. Just in case here is the file info: FILE: MS.W10.TP.10056.X64.CORE.OEM-RETAIL.ENG.NON-BOOT-WZT

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