Leak Windows 10 Build 10074

By | 10.12.2018

Leak Windows 10 Build 10074

«Утечка» Windows 10 Build 10074

Earlier today, a number of websites have reported about Windows 10 build 10102, so we could see a new three-dimensional tiles, transparent start menu with a blur effect and new design Cortana. This time we will focus on the Assembly 10074 for PC and tablets that is already available in the network, but unofficially (see the links at the end of the post).

Although the build number suggests that it was collected before the build 10102, colleagues with WinBeta, who have already managed to install it and test it, confirm that it is a newer version, but with a lower ID number. Anyway, the 10074 build contains all the changes from Windows 10 build 10102.

10074 version includes new live tiles, which are of a cubic form in the time of the update. In addition, in this version you can enable transparency in the start menu, which resembles the effect of Aero, familiar to us since the days of Windows Vista – for this you need to change only one value in the system registry. There are new sounds for various system notifications.

Finally, in this build, Microsoft has moved from the designation of a «Technical Preview» to «Insider», i.e. this version is already more stable and is close to the final version of the system.

a new build from the links below.

Professional x64 ISO en-US

  • CRC32: 28AA6C57
  • MD5: db9c1084a0a19bda11b331de29814be6
  • SHA1: 6171fdb41101598d83604fd6c0bb4a51c0a88913

x86 Professional ISO en-US

  • CRC32: DDB78AB5
  • MD5: 09AF483D74DDC71227D6D99DA617133C
  • SHA1: 8777ADE253E43EA8C03AD84C9B8036F80CDCC2ED

Enterprise x64 ISO en-US

  • CRC32: F2A4CBAC
  • MD5: 10a042674f845f7a5f39dcfbb5f0edb4
  • SHA1: f2b9b2bc54bce5ab4c58dcaf2074bf5440025e49

x86 Enterprise ISO en-US

  • CRC32: 8F7C91A4
  • MD5: e8c1e17cb8363f5ab34fc8c98b4080dc
  • SHA1: 290be6414cdd4200917bba817a68ad45830382c0

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