Laptop Acer Aspire 5315: overview of the device the low-price category

By | 10.12.2018

Laptop Acer Aspire 5315: specifications and features

The implementation of the basic package of simple problems does not require a large capacity and latest achievements in the development of computer components, and, consequently, a large consumption of material resources. Given that modern life cannot do without the aid of a computer, the more mobile, the question of choosing a cheap laptop from day to day is becoming increasingly important.

Laptop Acer Aspire 5315 fully satisfies these conditions, being the best option for users needing the computer for work and use the global network and, as a rule, do not have serious wealth.

The basic equipment of the notebook includes:

  • battery;
  • mains charger;
  • discs with the software.

Ноутбук Acer Aspire 5315: обзор устройства низкоценовой категории


Acer is one of the few companies if not the only one using the template design for the production of «lion’s» share of the reported range. Laptop Acer Aspire 5315 is no exception.

Black cover, with shiny painted in the middle of the company logo, combined with white work surface and slightly rounded on top and sharp edges on the bottom make the case even more stylish. Moreover, it adds to his value. After all, with a glossy insert somehow involuntarily recall multimedia Hi-End class.


The keypad buttons are made of white plastic that probably requires a little more care in operation. Otherwise, after a year the color can acquire a different hue. However, a thorough cleaning can always neutralize the disease.

The size of the keyboard is standard, as well as the location of the buttons. Typing is comfortable, the key travel is soft. Functional range located directly above the keyboard, adding in the upper empty space most of the performance. It is noteworthy that this unit is also tasked to monitor the performance of the Wi-Fi module and the volume level in the system.

Attract attention cut obliquely the corners of the space bar and left button of the touchpad. Perhaps in this way the designers wanted to show the unity of both controls. And, you see, they succeeded.

The touchpad has a medium size, but, traditionally, supplementing it from other manufacturers, simulating pressing the right and left mouse buttons, complemented by four-position joystick, which is a good alternative to the increasingly applied to the touch sensitive area tachpadom plots for scrolling content of the window. Moreover, this solution allows to use the sensor area to the maximum. Please note that in any case is nothing new for Acer laptop.

On the front side of the device there are audio jacks for headphones and microphone, as well as a stub to present in other models the line input.

On the right side are placed the optical drive, modem Jack and USB port. On the left is the end of the present socket D-SUB, RJ-45, S-Video, and two USB ports. There found a place and expansion slots Express Card, Kensington lock slot. The rear end turned out to be poor on technical tricks, and contains only one connector for the power supply.


The matrix showed the standard for laptops low price category a result, in General, one would expect:

  • the average brightness of the backlight;
  • insufficient vertical viewing angles.


Volume built-in stereo speakers are quite sufficient for listening to music, the audio tracks in the movie in a quiet room.

But the main question is: will user satisfied with the quality of sound? Probably not, as the absolute majority of laptops. For this and brought to prominence the headphone Jack…

Job performance

For obvious reasons, should not rely on the speed of work requiring a high performance CPU tasks, but for comfortable work you will need to install not less than 1GB of RAM. The same scarcity applies to the built-in video card Intel X3100.

As the configuration of the laptop repeats the Acer Extensa 5220, chase test of 3D Mark 2006 again has no meaning and, therefore, the result is approximately equal to 170 points.

The time of the laptop Acer Aspire 5315 without recharging while watching a movie was 120 minutes, which is equivalent to two hours.

Summing up, it can be noted that the Acer Aspire 5315 has an enviably low price and nice appearance and the technical equipment allows to make it an irreplaceable assistant for most common daily tasks. This model primarily should be of interest to students and people with a more efficient PC. Of the minuses can be noted the matrix is not bright enough and the short battery life.

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