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By | 07.04.2016

If we are not talking about a penny, which is not enough even for the domain, the earnings on the Internet for the most dubious thing. Units get here a stable high income, slightly more people manage to earn a decent salary by modern standards.

The rest are content with a small salary. Of the benefits of almost absolute freedom, if you are properly organized process. Of the minuses — instability. Today, your profit is high, tomorrow can become less provincial teacher salaries. So the one who decided to link their lives with the work on the Internet you need to have a good supply of money. Ideally, this formula looks like this.

You need a start-up capital, ie money for multiple domains on a good hostingna year or two. A little bit of money for settlements with freelancers who know how what you do not know how. This can be the designer, copywriter, programmer. I say at once: if you can not at a primitive level to draw in Photoshop or another editor, then you have coming up a little trouble, but if you can not write, you just need a start-up capital is not less than the opening of business as usual, as you have to pay staff salaries. But we assume that most of the work you do on their own or together with like-minded people. Then your starting money range from 0 to 100,000 rubles, depending on your scope. Again, if you need more money, then you are wrong to want to force.

Well, the main thing you need as much money as you need it to live comfortably to year. And it should be borne in mind that hunger is not your best assistant. That is, you need no less than 12 salaries as before profits will not. If you have a team, you need money to everyone. Without money, you get bored and you lose faith in yourself.

If you are ready for it, then the following article is for you.

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