KPMG about Windows 8, «too much», «too fast»

By | 10.12.2018

KPMG on Windows 8, «too much», «too fast»

When more than two years ago, Microsoft released Windows 8, many companies have complained that modern operating system carries too many changes and it’s confusing for inexperienced users who are used to working with classic Desk in Windows 7.

Yesterday, the it Director of a large consultancy firm KPMG said in an interview with Computing, their transition to Windows 8 will be delayed as the new system offers «too much».

According to Edel McGrath, in the last two years, they completed the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 and at the same time introduced some of the new software solutions from Microsoft, including Office 2013, Internet Explorer 11, and OneNote. They also have and implementation of cloud service Office 365.

Many Windows 8 users still can’t learn to use the touch interface of the system effectively.

As for Windows 8, KPMG will delay the transition to a modern OS across the organization, as there are fears that the changes that Windows 8 brings, can affect the performance of the employees of the company.

«We must be sure that the disorder of our business will be minimal,» says McGrath. He believes that it will be «too fast» and «too much» if making the Windows 8 operating system will be held simultaneously throughout the company.

KPMG is not the only company that criticized Microsoft for extensive changes made in Windows 8. Even the closest partners, the software giant is not fascinated by the fact that the focus in the system has been given the touch interface.

Users do not know how to use the touch functionality, according to the President of Acer Jim Wong. «It’s frustrating, but we need to work closely with Microsoft to receive feedback from customers to understand what works and what doesn’t».

Acer has another reason to be unhappy, because Microsoft is developing its own tablets running the new operating system. «They are doing something that can kill the whole ecosystem,» said Executive Director of the company in October 2012.

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