Key engineer crossed to the other side: from Microsoft to Google

By | 10.12.2018

Key engineer crossed to the other side: from Microsoft to Google

Blaise Aguirre and arcas, an engineer who played a key role in developing Microsoft’s Bing, has left the company and joined competitor Google, reports the New York Times. In Microsoft Aguirre and Arkas worked on more reality, cartography, smart accessories and the user interface. He was also the architect of Bing Maps and Bing Mobile. In 2011, he was became a leading expert for Microsoft (Distinguished Engineer), and in the same year and Director of development of the Photosynth app to create three-dimensional panoramas.

Blaise Aguirre and arcas joined Microsoft in 2006. The software giant bought his company, Seadragon Software, in which he began his work on technologies of visualization.

According to the New York Times, Google Aguirre and Arkas will work in a team, working in machine learning, which develops the strategy of Google robotics. A few days ago, the search engine bought the company Boston Dynamics, which creates motorized robots. The transition lead engineer for Microsoft in Google, maybe something to do with this acquisition.

Anyway, Google is preparing something very interesting and probably soon we will see.

: The Verge

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