Keepass password safe– the convenient Manager to store passwords

By | 10.12.2018

Keepass password safe– the convenient Manager to store passwords

Keepass password safe – the convenient Manager of passwords. In modern reality the computer user constantly has to deal with authorization – when you log on to the website, in programs for communication when you access the server via FTP. Accordingly, it is necessary to store a large number of different passwords, and the reliability of the method of storage depends on the security of your data on your computer or on the Internet.

About the program

The first thing I want to say in the description Keepass password safe is its status as free software. Pay decisions certainly would offer you a lot

bells and whistles that are simply unnecessary for the average computer user. At the same time Keepass is self-sufficient and full-featured app for

store passwords with a free distribution model.

The program does not require installation, you just unpack it and start working. To run Keepass password safe your personal computer and external storage media. There are also mobile versions of the storage Manager password for different operating systems.

On assurances of developers, the program uses such a strong encryption algorithms that attackers are unlikely to be able to access your passwords.

Manager portable and convenient to use. When you first start, you create a database and password to access it. There is the possibility of separating the stored data by categories, you can also create your own categories in addition to the five existing.

Keepass password safe– удобный менеджер для хранения паролей

There are several ways to protect the program: the master password, key file and the joint use of the two previous options. The highest available level of password protection is provided by the following principle. To access the database of your passwords is required to enter the master password (which you set when you first start) and specify the key file location. This key file can be stored on removable external media, so access to the program will be only you.

For many useful built-in utility that allows you to generate hack-proof (resistant to cracking selection, etc) the passwords. Database passwords can be exported to XML, TXT, HTML, CSV. In the registry data is not stored, so that the program Keepass password safe leaves no residue.

Overall a very useful and tiny program for storing passwords, which will help users to protect data. Recommend you to download Keepass password safe on the computer. The security of your personal data first. And a little advice: try to regularly change their passwords to minimize the possibility of their hacking methods brute force combinations.

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