How to burn iso image to disc using the program DeepBurner

By | 24.04.2016

A program to record iso-image to a CD or DVD

To record the iso image to a CD or a DVD-ROM is best suit the program DeepBurner . This is a small program that takes up very little space on the disk, but at the same time having all the necessary functionality for recording iso images.

More information and download links here: DeepBurner program for recording CDs

Burn the iso file to a disk

To burn the image to a disc, you will need proper himself iso-image file, disk recording program from an image, recorder CD and DVD (depending on the image of CD-ROM or DVD), and in fact the very blank CD- the R / RW discs or DVD + -R / RW discs .

Selection of DVD discs (+ R or -R) is not basic. Currently, all drives support both plus size and negative. Selecting R or RW blanks depends on you. Check for CD-R and DVD + -R is not rewritable, and RW discs rewritable, ie, Disc RW can be formatted and re-write it as a blank disc.

So, you already have the image of the disk and installed for DeepBurner CD recording. It is time to start to write the image to disk.

Insert a blank CD or DVD disc into the drive. Depending on the intended disk image for burning to CD or a DVD , you need to insert the appropriate disc. If iso  file weighs more than 700 MB, then the image must be recorded on DVD -disc, if less — on the CD . Start DeepBurner. After starting DeepBurner window will appear with a choice of the type of project to create.

Select the ISO-image Burn , and then click Next.

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