How to block a website using the HOSTS file

By | 11.04.2016

Blocking websites using hosts file

Your hosts file — the file is local to your computer, which can change the behavior of the computer when referring to the different sites. When editing the hosts file, you can «snap», for example, to any IP-address. Some people use this trick to block websites .

Edit hosts need from the administrator the file. If you try to edit it in the usual manner, while preserving, you will see an error message with the words about the rights of failure. To open it, go to C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc \ hosts and open with any text editor.

The hosts file should look like this:

After opening the file, add, at the bottom, for each site blocked his line. Enter and then press the space key and write the name of the website. The following lines, for example, block facebook and VKontakte :

In other words your computer when you try to connect to facebook vkontakte or server will apply to itself and will give an error, the server is not found. In Windaws 8 all new entries to the hosts file is automatically deleted Windows Defender.

To edit the hosts file in windows 8 you will need: to exclude him from tracking Windows Defender antivirus or install a third-party developer. Other anti-virus software will not be as aggressively handle your file hosts. When you install a third-party anti-virus, Windows Defender is turned off.

And advised to read how to edit the hosts file on Windows 7, Vista,? .

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