How to recover deleted files from recycle bin or folder?

By | 27.04.2016

damaged hard drive

Methods for recovering deleted files from the Recycle Bin

Remember the famous kinotsitatu «Keep money in the savings bank»? And in fact, uneven hour, and can disappear … That file on your PC, the same trouble: there were so splyli — either accidentally deleted, or the user’s behest, as the result of one. There is not a disk or in a basket — and very much needed. Photos, videos and documents — all is lost. How to be?

Thank God, there is a solution! Caught in this situation, do not rush to get hysterical about the irrevocability of the past. Be patient, cool the ardor to quickly master the special program, to perform the recovery of deleted files. You immediately have to apply their knowledge.

Delay in any case impossible, for an attempt to restore the lost data is carried out in a day or two, a week, already less likely to succeed. In other words, the number of chances decreases significantly. So if you already have sounded the alarm about the loss immediately have to begin.

Become acquainted with our utilities helpers that return nuking.

Recuva File Recovery

Program by Piriform, the famous «cleaner» operating system developers CCleaner. Distributed free of charge, is available at any time at the office. site. Able to return graphics, text and other files in the old, original form. It has intuitive interface: restore the activation takes place in just a few clicks.

To get the utility on your PC:

  • open the page in a browser;
  • press the green button «Download»;
  • run the installer and proceed in accordance with his instructions.

After installing Recuva proceed to recovery.
1. Click on the icon «basket» on your desktop, right-click.

Warning: This action is necessary. Do not be fooled that the utility will check the recycle bin. Believe me, she knows his business — find and «resurrect» More or one folder.

2. In the context menu, select «Scan for deleted files» (Recuva is an integrated option).

Recuva run from the Windows context menu

3. Wait for a while: the utility will analyze disks — find deleted files.

progress of the search deleted files

4. Recuva box, select the partition from which you want to restore the lost information (for example, drive C). That is, the section where it was kept.

Partition selection in utilities panel

5. Open the directory $ Recycle.Bin, to recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin.
6. Choose a click of the mouse, the objects that should be returned. Their content can be viewed in the next panel in the tab «View» (it will also be visible images).

View and restore deleted files

7. Activate the command «Restore …» (the button at the bottom of the panel).
8. Select the partition / folder where to save the recovered files Recuva.
9. Wait for the «restoration» procedure, close the program.
10. Open the specified directory and make sure the files are in place. Check the integrity and efficiency: video / audio player to start; pictures — in the viewer; texts and tables — in the editor.

Comfy File Recovery

Paid utility. Excellent recovers lost data from hard drives, including after formatting, as well as USB-flash drives. Equipped with a user-friendly interface. It has many useful additional functions: burn files to CD / DVD, create ISO image, etc.

1. Start Comfy File Recovery.
2. Press the combination «CTRL + E» key. Double-click on the disk that contains the deleted files.
3. Comfy File Recovery will scan the selected partition, and then displays on the display all the found objects are erased from the vehicle.

scan results Comfy File Recovery

4. In the window that appears, «If you can not find …» click «OK».

selection of files to be restored

5. In the directory «$ Removed and found», find the file folder you want to restore.

function activation & quot; Lost & quot;

6. Click on the selected file, right-click. activate the «Restore» in the menu.

7. In the panel that opens, enable the option click «Save on hard disk». Click «Next».

8. Select the directory for saving files. Click «Restore» button.

9. Upon completion of the task, check the data returned by the utility.

Let all the important data will never disappear from your PC. Well, if that happens, Windows equip these assistants and act. Why waste that can return ?!

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