How to remove a chat on Skype (your conversation): step by step instructions

By | 08.04.2016

All long been aware of the existence of such a program to communicate like Skype. Here, people can communicate in video call format, as well as voice communication (both on a regular phone, only completely free, and through the Internet). Separately, you can select plain text chats, and create them as you can with individual contact, and with a group of people united at the moment one interest.

Of course, all your communication options left its «footprint» (good, if not the consequences) in the network. Someone could read your letters, view the files that you exchanged. Well, if these are people that you trust. And if it is at work? And you talked to the new potential employer? «Cleansing» must be done.

So you’re with someone chatted on Skype and you urgently (or not) is urgently needed to remove the «tracks» of the dialogue.

Step-by-step instruction

Note that deleted not only the specific interests (or damning you) chat, but all the chats in which you communicate. Do you agree?

Then your actions will be as follows:

    1. Run the Skype log in (enter your login and password).
  1. find the «Settings» tab at the top of the program window.
  2. Found? Look there, «IM settings». It is — it is the point we need.
  3. Look closely and see the right button — additional settings. We were there.
  4. There is a «magic» place — «Record history» and the period of preservation of all chats — 2 weeks, a month, or the very beginning of your Skype. By the way, preserving all history will eventually lead to the terrible «brakes» your uchetki.
  5. Right click on «Clear History.» We confirm the deletion. We wait. If you have never cleaned — a lengthy process.
delete history on Skype

If you want to delete a chat with a specific person, you need to install third-party programs. But among them may turn out to be a malicious application (viruses), so you need to carefully apply to the choice of such a program, and place it where you are downloading.

At the same time, be aware that you can only delete the history on my computer — it will still be your companion.

In addition, you can read the article about ways to remove contacts from a Skype .

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