How do you know the key of Windows 7, 8?

By | 07.04.2016

In this article, we will address the question of how to find the key to the operating system installed on Windows 8 (Windows 7, the procedure is virtually identical).

In Windows 8 activation key is a set of 25 characters, separated into 5 parts of 5 characters each part.

By the way, an important point! The key can be used for the version of Windows only, for which it is intended. For example, the key for the Pro version can not be used for the version of home!

Sticker with Windows key

For a start it must be said that there are two key version: OEM and Retail.

OEM — This key can be used to activate Windows 8 only on the computer on which it has been activated previously. On another computer, use the same key is prohibited!

Retail — This key allows you to use a version of it on any computer, but only one at a time! If you want to install it on another computer, you will need to remove Windows from that from which you «take away» the key.

Normally, when buying a computer or laptop, along with it comes bundled installed Windows 7, 8, and you can find a sticker with the key to activate the operating system on the device. On laptops, by the way, this sticker below.

Unfortunately, too often this label eventually cleared, the sun burns out, get dirty with dust, etc. -., In general, it is not readable. If you have this happen, and you want to reinstall Windows 8 — do not despair, the key operating system installed can be found quite easily. Below we look at step by step how to do it …

Learn key with the script

To perform the procedure — you need not have any knowledge of scripting. It’s simple enough to cope with this procedure even a novice user.

1) Create a text file on your desktop. See. The image below.

How do you know the key of Windows 7, 8?
2) Next, open it and copy the following text below.

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
regKey = "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\"
DigitalProductId = WshShell.RegRead(regKey & "DigitalProductId")
Win8ProductName = "Windows Product Name: " & WshShell.RegRead(regKey & "ProductName") & vbNewLine
Win8ProductID = "Windows Product ID: " & WshShell.RegRead(regKey & "ProductID") & vbNewLine
Win8ProductKey = ConvertToKey(DigitalProductId)
strProductKey ="Windows 8 Key: " & Win8ProductKey
Win8ProductID = Win8ProductName & Win8ProductID & strProductKey
Function ConvertToKey(regKey)
Const KeyOffset = 52
isWin8 = (regKey(66) \ 6) And 1
regKey(66) = (regKey(66) And &HF7) Or ((isWin8 And 2) * 4)
j = 24
Cur = 0
y = 14
Cur = Cur * 256
Cur = regKey(y + KeyOffset) + Cur
regKey(y + KeyOffset) = (Cur \ 24)
Cur = Cur Mod 24
y = y -1
Loop While y >= 0
j = j -1
winKeyOutput = Mid(Chars, Cur + 1, 1) & winKeyOutput
Last = Cur
Loop While j >= 0
If (isWin8 = 1) Then
keypart1 = Mid(winKeyOutput, 2, Last)
insert = "N"
winKeyOutput = Replace(winKeyOutput, keypart1, keypart1 & insert, 2, 1, 0)
If Last = 0 Then winKeyOutput = insert & winKeyOutput
End If
a = Mid(winKeyOutput, 1, 5)
b = Mid(winKeyOutput, 6, 5)
c = Mid(winKeyOutput, 11, 5)
d = Mid(winKeyOutput, 16, 5)
e = Mid(winKeyOutput, 21, 5)
ConvertToKey = a & "-" & b & "-" & c & "-" & d & "-" & e
End Function

3) Then close it and save the entire contents.

New text Document.txt - Notepad
4) Now change the extension of the text file: a «txt» on «vbs».

How do you know the key of Windows 7, 8?
How do you know the key of Windows 7, 8?
How do you know the key of Windows 7, 8?

5) Now, this new file, simply run as a normal program and a window pops up in front of us with the key of Windows 7, 8. By the way, after clicking on the button «OK» — seem more information about the installed operating system.

window pops up in front of us with the key of Windows 7, 8.


In this article we looked at one of the easiest and fastest ways to learn key installed Windows 8. It is recommended to write it down on the installation disk or documents on your computer. Thus, you do not lose the greater.

By the way, if the sticker on your PC does not — perhaps the key can be found on the installation disk, which often comes with new computers.

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