How to find and remove a password using hacking for Vindovs 7, without any additional software?

By | 07.04.2016

To bypass the administrator password in Windows 7 user account, it is possible for two runs

I not long ago faced the same problem. When Windows 7 boot, seemed the administrator password on the display monitor. And yet, when you enter your password, the system indicates that the username and password are not correct. Some people panic, «Behold, I forgot (and) password, what to do, is not it possible it is necessary to restart the system entirely?» Wandering through the Internet in search of the problem, I ran across a lot.

This additional program, or another way to crack the password, thus there is a great risk of ruining your operating system. Here I present the most current standard method of how to bypass the password for the account Vindovs 7, if it is lost. All we need is a boot disk Windows 7. The entire procedure is carried out in two passes.

1.Configuring command line to start the Windows logon screen

If you ever loaded themselves Vindovs (any), then you should know that in the BIOS settings need to switch on the drive. And by default will boot from the installation disc of Windows 7.

— Then press the «language settings in the selection window Next » — click » System Restore » — » Next » — » Command Prompt «.

Boot from the installation disc of Windows 7

— At the command prompt, type regedit , and press Enter. Open the Registry Editor.

— Highlight the the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , as shown in the figure below. Then, from the File menu, click Load Hive.

Open windows 7 registry editor

— Go to the drive where you installed Windows 7 (the letter may be different from the usual C) and open the file:

<Drive letter>: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ SYSTEM


Go to the drive where you installed Windows 7


— Enter an arbitrary name for the feed section. Example — 888.

Arbitrary name to download windows 7 partition

— Go to


Then double-click the parameter:

-CmdLine, Type cmd.exe, and then click OK.

-SetupType, Replace the 0 to 2, and then click OK.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ 888 \ Setup - windows 7

— Highlight the section 888 in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , then from the menu File , select Unload Hive .

— Remove the installation disc, close the registry editor and the command line, click Reboot in the window recovery options.

2.Sbros password, change or create a new user and login

After rebooting, continue regular input in Windows 7. Before logging in you will see a command prompt window.

Password reset

To reset the password, enter the following command and confirm its execution Enter key:

net user user_name new_password

Important: If the name or password contains spaces, enter them in the «quotation marks.»

In the figure below for the user is given a password Adm7 tL942G8dWp:

Password Reset for Vindovs 7

It so happens that you can forget the account name and it does not matter, type net user command with no parameters to see all available accounts.

Create new account

If you do not have one administrator account, so you can easily create. For this series, type the following commands, pressing Enter after each key.

For Russian (localized) Windows:

net user username password / add

net localgroup administrators username / add

net localgroup users username / delete

For English Windows:

net user username password / add

username net localgroup Administrators / add

net localgroup Users username / delete

Teams consistently perform the following steps:

* Create a new user.

* Adding a user to the Administrators group (Administrators).

* Removing a user from the Users group (Users).

If you want to set for all accounts unlimited action password, enter the end command:

net accounts / maxpwage: unlimited

After I close the Command Prompt window.

Log in to Windows 7

Now you have an account with administrator privileges, and a new network password. I personally quite password removed, or rather disabled, and I think the house is not what he is. It is true for all users are different situations and look at its discretion. Just select a user and log on Windows:

Log in to Windows 7

Conclusion. Where are the passwords Vindovs 7 and how it works?

To change the user needs access to the Windows Control Panel or the command prompt running with administrator rights in Windows. Since login is blocked, it is necessary to make changes to the entrance.

To do this, the first phase we are entering a registry recovery environment editor and loaded into his part of the registry (hive) installed Windows 7 . Using the parameter SetupType we point out that before the next entry in Windows execute the following command from the parameter CmdLine , and CmdLine specify command line ( the cmd.exe ). These parameters are primarily intended to perform administrative tasks in the Windows Automated Installation, but we use them for their own purposes. After this registry hive is unloaded and sent to the computer to restart. Then everything is simple — in the command prompt window that appears, make the necessary operations with users and enter into Windows.

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