How to install Windows XP from a USB drive

By | 24.04.2016

Installing Windows XP from a USB drive

Someone often, someone rare, but need to reinstall Windows or install occurs in all PC users. If you have a system unit or a laptop that does not cause much difficulty. Insert the installation CD into the drive and execute the installation of Windows XP from a disc .

And what do the owners of netbooks or computers that do not have the drive or does not work? The answer is simple — install Windows XP from the installation of the stick. The very process of installing the OS from a USB drive is no different from the installation disk, so I will not repeat it, and to focus attention on creating a bootable USB drive with Windows XP distribution.

What you need to install Windows XP from a USB drive

To create a bootable USB drive, we need:

1) Actually the USB-flash drive capacity of at least 1GB

2) distribution Windows XP

3) Software for creating a bootable USB drive

A disk image with the distribution of Windows XP can be downloaded here or use the installation disc that you have. Which version of the assembly to use — does not matter. If you do not know how to burn it to a CD, read detailed instructions in How to burn iso-image to disk

Software to create a bootable USB drive Windows XP swing at this link (archive).

How to make the installation USB flash drive Windows XP

1. Insert the flash drive into the USB-port. Unpack the archive to your hard drive. Now navigate to the folder usb_prep8 and run the file usb_prep8.cmd Open a command prompt (do not close until the end of creating a bootable USB drive!).

Now press any key. PeToUSB program starts. In its window, select the USB flash drive, you are going to use a Windows XP bootable USB flash drive (the one with the boot sector will be created), and then click Start . The program will ask whether you need to continue, click «Yes».

A window appears with a warning that all data on the flash drive will be deleted. Click to continue .

USB flash drive will be formatted and a window will appear with the message that the operation completed successfully. The program will close in front of you and a command prompt will appear again, which does not need to be closed.

2. Navigate to the folder bootsect in which you want to run the file Bootsect.exe .

Attention! To start you need from the console in this folder. It is convenient to use filemanager Total Commander (you can download it here ). Go to the folder bootsect in Total Commander and the command prompt, type the cmd , and in the console window that appears, enter the following command:

bootsect.exe / nt52 f:
where f: — the letter, under which is a USB flash drive. Typing should be up to the space.

At this point, to write to the boot sector of the stick. This window can be closed

3. Return to the first console window. It was supposed to be a list of items. Make the active window (click on the title of the window), and then press the number «1» on the keypad.

In the resulting window, select the drive where the Widows XP distribution. This may be a virtual disk to mount an image or recorded a CD with the distribution Widows XP in the drive.

4. Again, do a console window with a list of active and press the number «2». Now type the letter (type a), under which there will be a temporary disc, program for recording files on a flash drive. Typically, this beech «t», but if you have a busy, select another, which is not occupied.

5. Now, by pressing the number «3». Enter the letter under which there is a bootable flash drive future Widows XP (the letter can be viewed in My Computer )

6. Press the «4» on the keypad. This starts the creation of the installation stick Widows XP. The program will warn you that all data will be destroyed (you need to click «y» on the keyboard), the flash drive will be formatted and will be copied to the USB flash drive the necessary files. The process is fairly long.

That’s all. If you do not miss anything, it was possible to make a bootable USB flash drive. You can now install of windows the xp c stick. To do this, select the BIOS to boot from USB-HDD

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