How to leave the tweeter forever?

By | 08.04.2016


How can I retire from Twitter?

Twitter — a very popular social network, is much more popular abroad than in Russia. Its title page beckons, replacing beautiful pictures.

Why and who benefit have a Twitter account?

  1. Famous people whose life goes on everyone’s mind: the stars, politicians.
  2. For Site Owners: they publish links to new materials and attract readers to your life.
  3. Persons involved in network marketing: it’s a good opportunity to attract new customers.
  4. Entrepreneurs: own page allows you to advertise goods and services.

Many people decide to register on the site, but the ordinary people get bored Twitter: not very much fun to write short texts of limited length. After some time a desire to delete the account. The question «how to remove tweeter?» The answer will be given below.

Deleting your page Twitter

Method one: Turn off your account through reference materials.

How to use this resource, you can learn from the Help section. In the previous three pictures in the bottom menu Site is the second sign on the left. After clicking on it opens the Help Center.

Twitter Help Center

If the user to learn how to work with the site, it is possible that he will change his mind deleted. Old, long-term account can eventually bring certain benefits.

Twitter Help Center provides the answers to many questions.

Help center

On the same page in the search field, you can enter a query and get a comprehensive answer. an explanation about how to disable the account was issued on request «delete my account.»

Amply clear that if you disable any account, it is automatically queued for deletion. But with mobile devices leave the tweeter in this method can not be, for them, this option is not available.

screenshot 1

Disabling means that if the site is no longer to go, then after a period of time your account will be deleted automatically. — For more information about how to disable the account are here

Deactivate Account

Method 2: Remove the option by the same name on his page.

Sign in to your account, click on «Settings» in the top bar on the right hand side of the page.

screenshot 2

In the left pane, the settings have a green label at the bottom «Delete my account». After clicking on it will have to read the warning that the page is deleted, but in a few days it will be visible as long as the search engine spiders will not remove it from the collection twitter pages.

screenshot 3

Often the internet flashes saying: «For Twitter — the future!».

In any case, before deciding to retire from Twitter should err, change the e-mail address and phone number specified to use them the next time. Suddenly again want to return to the site, or there will be such a vital necessity?

3 method: the removal by means of special services

There is an opinion that all or from one social network can not be deleted. Profile was deleted user simply blocked and it becomes unavailable, but the page remains. To disappear not only from Twitter, but also from any social network or all at once, you need to take advantage of special services: or

screenshot 4

Both English-speaking server, but the electronic translator will read the instruction on work with the service.

Wishes to remove your profile from Twitter can use in any way. In the first two personal page completely disappear after a while, when the search engine updates its cache. The third method will remove all of the social networks.

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