How to remove all of his classmates: fast and free

By | 24.04.2016


How do I delete a profile in Odnoklassniki: step by step instructions

Psychologists have found that seeing friends is not only pleasant, but also useful; and not for business, not to establish communications and other material goods, and health — physical and mental. Exactly! The two sides in the communication process «recruited» from one another solar positive, safely weathered the consciousness of accumulated negativity everyday problems.

But what about the social. network? Amiss for this improvement? Unfortunately no. At least, so say 90% of their users: they prefer real meetings. And rightly so! If you decide to retire from classmates — so you gravitate to join the majority. And accordingly leave the online channel as a reserve — just in case.

Carefully follow the instructions, and your profile with personal data safely, and most importantly — quickly disappear from the popular social network.

1. Go to your page in the «Classmates». If you want to leave on your PC:

  • scroll through a Web page to the bottom until you see the «basement» — the lower menu of the site;
  • in its latest vertical list of options (from left to right) click the «Regulations» section.

If you wish to withdraw from the social. at the mobile telephone network:

    • go to your account’s main page (tapnite icon «man» on top of page);
    • under the avatar in the profile settings list, select the «Full Version»;
    • Scroll down to the display menu appears;
    • go to the «Regulations» section.

screenshot 1Full version

2. Again using the scrolling (scroll bar), under a long set of rules, find the link «Cancel Service» and click on it (on the PC: move the cursor and press the left mouse button).

Refuse Service

3. After these steps, the site «Odnoklassniki» ask «to explain» — that’s why you decided to leave. Complete the form as follows:

  • in the «Enter a reason …» — tick the circumstances due to which you want to «get away» with the «Schoolmates». If such was not found in the list, you can select any option — random. In the end, the user has the right to keep secret their true intentions;
  • in the «Enter password» — type your password from your Profile.
screenshot 2

4. When all the required data, again beware — retire from the social web space or is it to stay in it. Not worried mind feelings of separation and regret? No, well, okay! Click «Remove all.»

That’s the procedure for destruction of personal profile at «Odnoklassniki»! Note: you personally satisfied and, accordingly, free of charge; without the participation of other users and even, especially, IT-specialists.

In the event of a successful outcome removal, «Classmates» website will transfer you to a page to enter. To verify the absence / presence in the social profile. Networks try to enter your login. Open personal page — then you did something wrong. The message «this account does not exist» — all «ok» — turned off; rejoice about his «disappearance» of the digital jungle of social networks.

Plus! Now, dear reader, you can competently help not only themselves but also their relatives, friends and acquaintances on the question «How to remove all of the classmates?»

May you never have a feeling of comfort and user freedom on the Internet.
All the best!

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