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By | 12.04.2016

My world

How to delete a page on the social network My world

It would not be lured into the arms of their virtual social network «My World», still some users are willing to delete the page with your personal data to its server. The reasons on which this happens quite a lot, and all of them are of a different nature: social, domestic, love, commercial, and God knows what more — in a word personal.

So, dear reader, if you overcome these feelings … So you also crave to retire from my world, without leaving the slightest sign of presence, follow the steps described in the instructions below and «Voila!» — Your profile on the portal Mail. ru disappear forever.

Deleting a page in «my world»

1. Log into your account (it’s the one who want to remove).

2. Go to your personal page. In the menu, under the avatar, click on the arrow located under the item «guests.» After this action will open all the user options menu.

3. To begin the process of removing his World, select «Settings».
screenshot 8

4. At the bottom of the «Remove your World» section of the web page find the button and click on it. That’s all you need to do to withdraw from an online social network space.

screenshot 6

5. Finally, before the removal of «the world», system asks you to confirm your intentions. Put a checkmark in all items, including «I want to remove …» if you want to leave, they say, fully — without leaving the portal server of your photos, videos, etc. And again, click «Remove your world.».

screenshot 2

After 48 hours (2 days), after activating delete function, from «Your World», in the sense of the profile, there is nothing left. Before probёt hour «X», the account can be restored — and quite easily. To do this, go to your profile page and on the page with the message «Your world is locked …» click «Undo Delete …». Thus, the removal of individual pages of «My World» will be stopped and you will be able to use your account again as before.

screenshot 7

How to remove the mailbox on the portal?

If you need to get rid not only of the «My World», but also on other online services system (email, blog, photo and video sharing), which appeared in your personal information (your account information) — and moreover in one fell swoop, then you need to act a little differently.

1. The personal profile, go to the «Moy Mir» section or the «Mail» (located at the top left). And then the mouse wheel to scroll down the page and in the bottom menu click «Help».

2. In the list of issues, select «How to remove a mailbox …?» (In a row — 11 issue).

3. The brief guide to deleting your account with reference to a specific interface. Click on it.

screenshot 4

4. Under the list of services in the field «Enter the reason:» concisely explain why you do not need an account on the portal. The reason you need to specify a must! Otherwise, the system will not accept your application for removal.

5. Enter the password to log in to your profile.

6. Click the «Delete» button.

After these manipulations, the display shows the message «box removed» from the list of content to services (audio and video albums, notes) that after 5 days, and will be removed from the system.

screenshot 5

If desired, you can easily restore your account within 3 months from the date of removal. It takes only go to a profile and click the link to «Unlock». But do not flatter yourself that everything will fall into place as it was prior to removal. Unfortunately, only the operation of the page will return, but not deleted photos and videos — they have again uploaded to the server from your PC.

When not necessary to remove the «My World»?

Members «My World», of course, are not insured for 100% of various unpleasant situations, as well, and users of other social portals. Hacking attempts, spam, content theft — all of this, even in small amounts, but still present. Sometimes the owners of the pages of «My World» mistakenly protivodeytsvuyut these attacks by the complete removal of the profile. Their ruthless concept reads: «No account — no problem!»

So it is! But you can do without radical solutions. Sometimes you just change the settings to access the page, to place someone in a black list, to limit notification function — and the problems recede. And Page intact-tselёhonka, and communication with fellow teammates is not lost.

Good luck in the social space of the Internet! And may all your wishes will be custom made.

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