How to leave the Instagramma: how to delete your account Instagram

By | 08.04.2016

Instagram pretty quickly gained worldwide popularity without exaggeration. And it was predictable: a mobile service, comfortable, sleek, smartly working, not burdened with unnecessary advertising and branding protected from spam and unwanted mailings. But times are changing — Instagramm bought Facebook-th, and for big money, hinting at further useful for potential service bought.

For users of the benefits of this event are not so obvious, much more disadvantages. It is well known that all services purchased by Facebook introduced the general policy of the social network. This means that Instagram will soon also zapestrit advertising, brands and promotional offers. Someone is quite happy, and some are already thinking about how to delete your account. The same ideas are concerned, and those customers who are simply fed up with the service.

The easiest way to retire from Instagramma — go at , enter your login and password to go to your page and confirm the deletion.

The second way to remove the page Instagramm:

  1. Login to your profile;
  2. Go to the tab «Edit Profile»;
  3. Find the right bottom of the page the link settings «I want to delete my account» and click on it

After the service the owners want to be told, for whatever reason, the user of such unthinkable suddenly occurred to them to leave, but the reason you can even invent — to check exactly no one will. Now you only have your password to confirm your intention to remove your profile and click the option «Forever deactivate my account.»

For those who have not decided yet, remove your page permanently or still leave «in reserve», has a softer option — to leave the account in place, simply change the setting to a more private and to remove more or less personal photos. To do this, open a picture, find the button with three dots under it and from the menu that appears from it, select and confirm the item «Delete.» The only disadvantage is that you can remove the photo only one, even if they choose a list view, or view them in the film, so the process can be just exhausting after a certain number of operations.

Remove only the «stuffing» or the whole account — it’s up to the user. Eesch still hope that not all customers will run away, frightened by the hype, promotions and surveys are not zealous marketers and PR Facebook. It would be a pity to lose such a wonderful service.

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