How to retire from Gmail: simple ways

By | 08.04.2016

Several years ago, to have your own account to Gmail was a really prestigious. Overseas server, reliable, supported sites, not taking registration for or

Now we can observe the opposite trend: many users close their accounts at Why? Most likely, this is due to Google’s policy, which the server belongs. Although it is believed that the more services — all the better, but this is not always the case. Especially, if the services are offered in the voluntary-compulsory and entail consent to the collection and processing of data about the owner of the account — namely, that requires the use of some services, Google release.

That’s the result: more and more people choose to delete your account in Gmail and keep your data intact, than to use numerous and convenient services, sending at the same time it is not known to whom the data from your computer.

Removal Instructions

Delete gmail pretty simple. The first option — to come into your account, click on the link «Data Management», then select «Delete services,» and finally, «Remove permanently the Gmail».

And now the most interesting: delete the profile — not to remove information about myself from Google’s services.

  1. The only thing for sure it will be impossible to use — e-mail, since it is a basic service, which «are wound» rest.
  2. Even after removing the account user name remains busy, in other words, if a user wants to restore the profile name of the user it will still have to change.
  3. If you delete your Gmail account, not the fact that the data stored in the other services, also be deleted. Check that it is stored on the server, the data is desired or not and whether they leave on another server, it is possible in a private office. To do this, log into your profile (click on their avatar, or «blue head»), click on the button «Lenta» in the left side of the screen and see the item «Applications», and carefully «posherstiv» settings.
  4. Said button «Lenta» in the profile can be used as another way to withdraw from Google: the last point belts — «Disable Google+», followed by ssylochku «To delete your Google profile, click here.» By the way, this page gives a detailed explanation of what will happen to each of the services, and much depends on whether Google+ is connected to a Gmail account, because of the page is not deleted along with it, they must be removed manually.

Social corporations with expensive costs. The complexity of the removal of your profile Gmail and data from it — a wonderful example of how to check a couple of clicks may subsequently result in time-consuming actions to protect their privacy.

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