How to leave the Fotostrany forever: step by step instructions

By | 12.04.2016


How can I retire from Fotostrany?

So you’ve decided to retire from Fotostrany — once and for all. Well, as they say, the target is set, it remains to implement it in life. To your account in the social network ceased to exist, carefully read the instructions and follow nizhenapisannoy all its steps strictly following the specified sequence.

1. Open the site in any browser «Fotostrana» and go to your personal page.

2. In the top Profile menu next to your name on the right there is an icon in the form of a small triangle. Click on it, and when it opens a drop-down submenu, choose the option «Site Settings».

site Settings

3. Scroll down the list of options. Underneath is a button «I want to retire from the site» — click it.

I want to retire from the site

4. After these steps, the social network will offer you two options: 1 — hide form (will be invisible to other users of your page); 2 — completely remove the account. Click the radio button cursor, located opposite the second action «completely …».


5. Click the «Continue Delete».

6. The tab opens with a list of reasons for removal, select one of them (you can arbitrarily!). Once again press the button «Continue …».

screenshot 2

7. Before permanently remove your profile, «Fotostrana» may ask to share personal experiences about dating, meetings, etc. Not particularly puzzling myself that request. It will be sufficient and abstract answer: something like «they were on their circumstances,» or «Yes, it was great.»

screenshot 3

8. The reasons for the reluctance to use the benefits of the Internet «Fotostrany» written, it remains the case for small — to click on the button «Delete page».

9. In the email, specified in your profile, social networks, the system automatically sends a letter notifying the activation of the removal procedure. Open it and read carefully. If you still want to leave the social network, confirm the request by clicking the link «Click on this ….»

screenshot 4

10. In the browser, open a message that the page will be permanently deleted from the server after 30 consecutive days. You may want to send a farewell SMS «Fotostrane»: here, on this web page, enter text in the field below your message and click «Send.»

screenshot 5

But even after these steps, you still have exactly one month to change his mind and return to your page from oblivion. In general, the gush of nostalgia for the glory days in the «Fotostrane» — take a look at the calendar … And if it is too late, 30 days after the removal has not passed, enter with your username in the social network. Find the profile treasured button «Restore Page», quickly press it — and enjoy!

screenshot 6

We wish you, dear reader, to quickly say goodbye to «Fotostranoy»! Well, what if that … That quickly realized it, to meet her again — with its users — your friends and girlfriends.

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