How to remove a computer Zzima: uninstall games and launcher

By | 12.04.2016

How can I delete the game

Online games geymerskogo club ZZima undeniably attractive, colorful and interesting. Fantasy worlds Prime World and DarkAge lure users into their possession from all the outskirts of the Internet.

But the trouble is that in the vast ointment — fun and enjoyable holiday on the PC called ZZima — lurking fly in the ointment — the problematic client launcher. Set it fast and easy — click, then another, and ready. But removed from a computer is not easy; whether it was intended application developers, whether they are something not taken into account and did not finish.

The only thing with which there is no difficulty, since it is an alternative installer. It has a built-in mechanism for removing the software. To remove it from the system, just click in the «Start» menu in the application directory, the icon «Uninstall Zzima».

the Start menu

Removing the program Revo Uninstaller Pro

1. Set the PC utility Revo Uninstaller Pro (but do not start!)

2. Click «Start», go to Zzima folder, right-click:

  • If you want to remove the game — on a folder with her name (embedded in the directory, for example, Dark Age);
  • If you must remove the launcher Zzima- directly on the icon.
run Revo Uninstaller Pro

3. From the Windows context menu, select «Delete using Revo Uninstaller …».

4. In the «Forced installation» activate scan mode «Advanced» to completely remove all of the elements of the game application from the computer.

section C Scan

5. Click «Next».

6. Check all the utility found the remaining files, click «Delete», and then — «Finish».

Remove the remaining files

7. Restart the computer, the launcher will disappear.

Removal by hand

But remove without the help of third party tools? After all, they are not always at hand; and not every user is able to cope with their interface. Consider the manual removal instructions in detail using standard means of system.

1. Close all applications and launcher. Open the «Start».

OS file location option

2. Right-click on the icon of the game.

3. Click «File Location».

4. When the window opens with the file directory of the application, right-click on the top line (where the path to the file) on the «Roaming».

zzima folder

5. In the directory (folder) Roaming locate and delete the folder in the Windows boot loader menu. Then close the window.

6. Again, go to «Start». At the prompt, run regedit, (the registry editor).

7. In the editor window, click «CTRL + F», set in the search Zzima. Click to find the «Next» button.

Remove the application registry entries

8. Delete all registry entries that contain the name of the launcher. After each removal continue the search by pressing F3 key until you see the message «Search completed in the registry.»

9. Close the editor. Restart the OS.

10. Remove the shortcuts game / launcher on the desktop and folder icons, and in the «Start» menu.

That’s it — the game add-ons in the system longer there!

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