How do I delete a bookmark in contact and clear them from the unnecessary things

By | 27.04.2016

delete bookmarks Vkontakte

How to remove unwanted bookmarks Vkontakte

The «Bookmarks» in the social network VKontakte allows you to not lose sight of the desired content, links, and other user groups. Made label, Like — ready: The object went to the bookmarks. There he was already found to be much easier than in the same news flow, internal search engine VC or on other pages.

Of course, over time the account owner’s interests change — the information stored in the bookmarks, loses its relevance. It comes to «cleaning»: something you want to remove, and leave something (even useful!)

In this article you will learn how you can delete a bookmark in contact, as well as enable / disable the function itself directly.

If the main menu on your page does not display the item «Bookmarks», do the following:

1. Click on the link «My Settings».

Vkontakte menu settings

2. On the «General» tab, check the box next to «My Bookmarks».
3. Go to the home page (where the Av events and tape) or refresh the page by pressing the «F5» keys. Option should appear in the menu.

How do I remove other users?

1. Open the «My Bookmarks».
2. The submenu function at the top of the page, click «Users».

removing users from favorites

Warning: Do not confuse the option of the same name from the Main Menu «Vkontakte». It is above, on a par with social network icon.

3. Place your cursor in the upper right corner of human avatars, which you want to delete.
4. When the icon «cross» appears, click on it with the left mouse button.
5. In the modal window to confirm the command activation: Click «Delete» button.

Also, remove the user can be directly on his page:

Remove user tabs on his page

1. The option is at the bottom of the column information (friends, Noteworthy pages, albums). Scroll scrolls (Wheeled) the mouse down a page.
2. Click «Remove from bookmarks».

Deleting Photo, Video, Blog

Clear favorites from this variety of content even easier. You will need:

1. Open the appropriate tab (Photos / Video / Record) on the page «My Bookmarks».
2. Click the Like «Like» a photo or video. After that, it will disappear from your bookmarks.

video removal

Note. At first glance, such a removal procedure may seem a bit strange. But it is not without logic. As soon as you mark favorite content (click on the button Like), the system «Vkontakte» as soon as it sends to your favorites. Thus, when re-clicking and you take away their huskies, and bookmarks.

Removing links

Clean unnecessary links in two ways.

method №1

deleting references to the page & quot; My bookmarks & quot;

1. In the «My Bookmarks» tab «Links» in the saved links (for example, it may be the name of the group, community), move the cursor to the extreme right-hand side.
2. When the «X» icon, click on it and Delete link.

method №2

deleting references to the group page

1. Click the link-tab.
2. On the page of the group / community or other internal web page, VC, equipped with functional menu, click «Remove from bookmarks».

Suppose, dear reader, in your account «Vkontakte» is stored only useful and necessary things. Try to release timely collection of visual space, to quickly, a quick glance, to find all your data.

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