How to remove Yandex Defender and what is the program?

By | 08.04.2016

Yandex Defender

How to remove Yandex Defender from your computer: step by step instructions

In recent years, more and more software installation is provided free applications «in the burden». But not all users like it when installing any software, they receive an additional unnecessary software package.

Such applications include Yandex and Defender, which is automatically installed with many applications from the popular «search engine.» And sometimes even experienced users are not able to get rid of this annoying programs on their own. If you do not know how to remove Yandex Defender, then this article will help you to deal with this problem.

As Defender gets on your computer?

To remove the program from your operating system, you must first understand how it gets into the computer’s memory. Most often it occurs during the installation of any software on Yandex (eg, Ya.Brauzera) or during the upgrade already installed software from well-known domestic «search engine.» To avoid this, it is enough to read the text carefully during installation and in time to get rid of all unnecessary ticks.

But what if the defender has already settled in the computer and does not want to retire? It is enough to perform a few simple steps, after which the program will not bother users anymore.

Remove the Defender in a few simple steps

Disable Defender can be just a few minutes if you know exactly what to do. Get rid of it pretty simple. To do this quite a few simple steps:

  1. The first thing you need to go to «Start» (right button at the bottom of the screen) and run from the «Control Panel» item called «Uninstall a program». Then in the window that appears, we seek unnecessary services from the company Yandex and get rid of them. To do this, select the corresponding program is sufficient (for example, Ya.Bar), click on it with the right mouse button and select «Delete.» After that, you just need to follow the uninstall (delete) the service.
  2. Now we should again press the «Start» button, select «Run» and appeared in the blank line write «msconfig,». launch window titled «System Configuration» After pressing the «OK» button. It should select the tab «Startup» and uncheck all software products associated with by Yandex. But do not forget that if the user wants to browse the web page using a browser from this search engine, then check the box next line Yandex Browser should leave.
  3. Then you should go to the folder «Program Files», which is usually located on the C drive, find and remove it in the folder «YandexBar». If the owners of this computer are not willing to use any program on Yandex in the future, you can also delete all folders with the name «Yandex». You can find them in the «Users Offline» folder, all on the same drive C. They can «hide» in one of the other directories, for example, «the AppData».
  4. After that, restart the computer or laptop is enough to get rid of a program called Defender.


So, turn off the annoying and unnecessary software is a snap if you do not hurry to perform a few simple steps, carefully read the instructions and messages with tips that will show the operating system. At the same scheme can be removed not only Yandex Defender, but also a large number of other unnecessary or annoying programs.

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