How to remove Yandex purse and can I do it?

By | 27.04.2016

Yandex money

How can I remove Yandex purse: two current method

The electronic wallet is difficult to name some technical know-how, and certainly, the more novelty. Thus, an essential attribute of Internet users — no more, no less. After all, to make purchases and money transfers, pay for services in a network with them, of course, more convenient and easier. It is no exception in this respect and service Yandex. Money.

There is only in the financial and marketing good, one little «but». In everyday life, so to speak, offline, I had got a new purse — old put on a shelf or thrown at all. But in the virtual space, such disposal takes place, though, so not so satisfied. However, do not rush to puzzle over his consciousness: Remove Yandex purse — the problem is relatively simple and match for even the novice user.

Important: In any case, how would you method / method is not used, remove the electronic purse in Yandex absolutely and completely fail. In fact, it will be closed and not available to the owner and the other participants in the system. But all the data it still stored on company servers. Including:. Payment history and completions, transactions, etc. Thus, Yandex protects its customers from fraudsters and prevent «money laundering» in the virtual accounts.

There are two ways to remove a purse on Yandex (for each — in the article provides detailed instructions). Which one is the best, you decide.

Method №1: delete account

1. Go to Yandex your login / password.

Caution Specify the input account which you registered purse.

2. The horizontal top menu, on your personal page, click on the section «Money».

Account menu on the Yandex

3. In the browser page opens — Change its address as follows:

link to Yandex in the address bar
  • In the address bar, in the link, delete a word — money. Perform this operation very carefully, so as not to affect the standing next to symbols — slash and point;
  • Instead of a remote word write «passport» (without the quotes). The edited address line should look like —;
  • Without lifting your cursor in the address bar, press «ENTER».

4. Now, on the page «passport» you can begin to remove the entire account and accordingly purse. In the «Personal Data», on the right side of the interface (the list of options and settings), click on the last item — «Delete Account».

menu on the page & quot; Passport & quot;

Warning: With the destruction of your account deleted data from all Yandex services (Mail, Map, Market). If they are important to you, use the method to remove №2 (see. Below).

5. Confirm your wish to delete the account by filling in the form below:

form of deleting the account in Yandex
  • give an answer to a security question;
  • enter the password of the account;
  • type numbers from the picture in the «Type the characters»;
  • click the «Delete Account».

After these steps, the purse will be deleted.

Method №2: appeal to the tech support

Before calling for technical support with a request to remove a purse, free him from the money. Transfer funds to another payment system, cash out, or spend them — on the account must be «on zero».

1. Log on page.
2. Scroll down the main page service mouse wheel down.
3. In the bottom menu in the first column, click on the link «Write.»

Option & quot; Write & quot;

4. In a special form, in the column «Treatment Subject», select «Other theme.»

registration application to the technical support Yandex

5. In the «Select theme» column write specifically and succinctly the essence of your request. For example, you can:. «Delete wallet …»
6. In the text box «What happened …», specify the reason for which you want to get rid of the payment service (options: «use another system,» «no need», «registered to another account», etc.)
7. Enter your account number and work Yandex Email for communication.
8. Click «Submit» button.

Important! During the 10 days before receiving a response from technical support, you can not use the wallet.

Choose the method of removal on the basis of specific, your, situation: Method №1 — fast, but involves the complete removal of the account (+ other services and data); method №2 — slow but removes only the purse.

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