How to remove Yandex Disk and what to do if it is not removed?

By | 11.04.2016

How to remove the program «Yandex.Disk» from your computer?

Yandex Disk
The global network is full of interest. And if one customer is installing the «Yandex. Disc «, and actively fill it with all sorts of videos, images and software, the other — at the same time, search engines are terrorizing questioning how to remove Yandex drive. It should be noted that this procedure does not require any special skill, and the actual implementation of it is not a mystery.

These steps will help you to remove from your computer cloud service application, as well as files in its store — «Yandex.Disk» folder — on your hard drive the PC and the Web server.

1. Before you remove the software for storing files, you must disable its Internet connection to the server Yandex.

Click on the application icon (the image of a flying saucer) the right mouse button. It is located in the system tray (bottom right of the taskbar). And then on the shortcut menu, left click, click «Settings» option.
screenshot 1

On the panel «Yandex.Disk Settings» will be displayed. On the «Account» tab, click «Turn off computer from the disc» and then — «the OK» to confirm.

screenshot 2

2. You can now delete Yandex Disk app:

  • Re-open the application menu (right-click on the icon) and click «Exit»;
  • through the «Start» go to «Control Panel» and select the settings options «Uninstall a program»;
  • in the list of an installed software in the «Name» locate «Yandex.Disk», and select it left mouse button. Then activate the «Delete» at the top of the list of programs.

screenshot 3

Tip: . In addition to the standard means of Windows, you can also use a special tool to remove the software — Uninstall Tool, MyUninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, etc. If service application is not removed by standard methods (if you try to send it to the trash, the message «Can not access … «» No element «, etc.), try uninstalling the program using Lockhunter or Unlocker. She correctly disable the blocking process and will remove the application from the hard drive.

«Yandex Disk» folder with files 3.Ostalas cloud storage. To save disk space, it can also be completely removed.

BUT: starting the implementation of this procedure, once again look at the folder and make sure that there are no important and price information for you (photos, texts, software, videos). If there is one, move it to another section. It is advisable not to the system (usually drive C) that the information is preserved after to reinstall Windows.

In the silence of the folder «Yandex.Disk» «Disk (C :)» is available in the directory >> «Users» >> User Name (your account name) >> YandexDisk

screenshot 4

Scroll left-click the folder «YandexDisk» and click on the shortcut menu, click «Delete.»

screenshot 5

If all the operations are performed correctly, Yandex Disk on your PC is no more!

In order to destroy the contents of the file storage on a web server, it is sufficient to use the service interface on a personal page. Sometimes novice users to solve this problem, try to completely remove Yandex account. It is not necessary to do, as will disappear not only files, but also all attachments Services System (e-mail, maps, payment system).

screenshot 6

It is necessary to point intervention! Log in to your account «Yandex Disk» ( Drag any unwanted files to the Trash: Move your cursor over the object, hold down the left mouse button, move it. When the «cleaning» will be completed in the right pane interface «Basket», click on the button «Clear».

That’s all! After the global removal, if necessary, you can always go to the store and again to use its services.

We wish you success in the development of Internet services, dear reader!

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