How to remove Yandex Browser from your computer?

By | 08.04.2016

Yandex browser

Methods for removing Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser from your favorite search engine Yandex — a pleasant surprise, marred by the fact that it looks quite unassuming. The Web browser is good, the parameters compared with the leading browsers, but it is made minimalistic.

Many users are disappointed, want to get rid of it, but not all succeed. How to remove Yandex Browser from your computer? Very easy!

The first method

Actions to remove

When you delete any program there is an unspoken rule: to look into the processes of the Task Manager. If the application is not running, it is still its service files are sometimes active, and it can become an obstacle to be removed. You need to run Task Manager.

Task Manager

Select the Processes tab and look.

These files are in the case when the browser is opened.

After closing the browser in the process will remain Praetorian exe — file utility is responsible for Yandex bar installed in any other browser (Mozilla Firefox, for example). Along the way, he sees to it that no «enemy» program was not able to change the home page and the hosts file. It does not need to be removed, it is useful and timely warning when attempting to third-party programs to make changes to the settings and replace the homepage.


The latter two also can not delete the file. We see that on the computer Yandex.Disk actively used, so two of his service file is in the Manager. There is nothing else. Efforts were unnecessary, but sometimes there are not superfluous, and found there the files of any program should be removed from the Manager to clean, otherwise it will refuse to uninstall it.

The process of removing

Algorithm: Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features

The process of removing

In the action bar select «Sort» or «Delete» touch the desired button.

screenshot 2

Put a tick in the box that appears, confirm by clicking «Delete»

final actions

Here he was on the computer:

screenshot 3

And disappeared …

screenshot 4

Immediately in Internet Explorer opens the «Print» window, notifying of an accomplished tragedy and asks to tell: what a great (this is not irony!) Browser does not like it?

screenshot 5

The second way to remove

There again, an unwritten rule: do not remove the program from the Control Panel, and with the help of special tools for uninstalling. They are very much in the name of some word Uninstaller is present, but not always.

The principle of management uninstallers can be slightly different, but the fact that after the removal of unwanted uninstaller program will make sure to clean the registry and other places where there were not deleted it some files.

Typically, Windows utility can not find all files, programs remnants scattered around the computer, take the workers clusters and consuming disk space. With the help of special uninstaller program removes cleaner.

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