How to remove clean OS and reset settings in browsers

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How to remove Yamdex from different browsers? — another tricky search engine from not less clever developers. One name that is — to change only one shaped as letters from a trusted and beloved by all Yandex. I overlooked the user in the address bar «nuances» names and thought to myself: Oops, the new interface! Although the so-react, well, just too inexperienced. Most — sensing something was wrong (! Visually), immediately sounding the alarm.

Feykovye Yamdex retrieval system without permission prescribed in the start page of all browsers, has been installed on your PC, and, accordingly, «expels» trusted, real Google, Bing, Yandex and others.

Use the services of a «miracle search engine» for information extraction:

  • Firstly, very dangerous! It gives links to dubious infected sites — hawkers viruses;
  • Secondly, inconvenient! Home service obveshena advertising banners.

Let us consider in detail how to remove Yamdex — intrusive advertising module — from the Windows operating system.

Cleaning system folders

Yamdex is a not just a web page, not just an address in the search box. His perfidy extends far beyond and more — it is a malicious application, program, firmly established its position in many of the functional elements of the OS.

First of all, after installation, it modifies the settings and set the rules of the system shell — Group Policy. And, of course, under the «your needs»: the user can not remove the reference to «search engine» from the browser using standard settings.

To destroy the modification of Group Policy, made the application, do the following:

1. Press the «Win + R» ( «Run» window will appear).

System panel & quot; Run & quot;

2. In the «Open:» prompt, type — «% WinDir% \ System32 \ GroupPolicyUsers» (with quotes). Next — «OK» button.

3. In the new window opens the contents of the folder GroupPolicyUsers (Group Policy settings). Remove all without exception, the files contained in it, in a standard way (the «Delete» from the context menu or drag and drop in the basket).

4. Activate the box «Run:», only this time select another directory — «% WinDir% \ System32 \ GroupPolicy».

5. In the same way (as described in paragraphs №2 and №3 this manual), remove it from all of the files / folders.

6. Once again, open the «Run». Enter the command — gpupdate / force (update user policy).

gpupdate command prompt
policy update

Also, folders cleaning can be done using the Windows command line. For this:

1. Press the «Win» or click on the icon «Start».

2. At the prompt: type CMD and press «ENTER».

up Directive on the command line

3. At the command prompt, type the following commands sequentially:

  • RD / S / Q «% WinDir% \ System32 \ GroupPolicyUsers» (general settings);
  • RD / S / Q «% WinDir% \ System32 \ GroupPolicy»;
  • gpupdate / force (update).
cleaning GroupPolicyUsers

Or copy the text of the article (in turn) Directive and insert the command prompt (right-click context menu → → Paste).

Cleaning the registry

  1. Start the Registry Editor: Start → regedit (panel line) → ENTER.
  2. Activate in the window editor search function: Edit → Find.
  3. Set in the search box — yamdex. Run the registry scan button «Find Next.»
  4. Remove the detected record with the address of malicious service and then continue the search — key «F3».
  5. Perform cleaning as long as the editor does not tell you that the entire registry is checked.

Restore browser shortcuts

Quite often Yamdex, like most viruses it browser, change the property label — attributes additional settings to the executable file. Get rid of them help utility FixerBro. It automatically checks the properties of all the available shortcuts and removes all unnecessary malicious «tails» in their records.

FixerBro utility
  1. Download FixerBro sofsayta and run.
  2. Click «Check» (labels), and then «Fix» (record).

To restore the properties manually (without the use of FixerBro):

  1. Right-click on the shortcut.
  2. select «Properties» in the menu that appears.
  3. In the Properties window, on the tab «Shortcut», in the «Object»: delete all additional entries / links after the executable file (… firefox.exe «).
  4. Click «Apply» and «OK».

Repeat this procedure with all labels browsers.

Setting browsers

Notorious Yamdex almost neutralized; it remains the case for small — to remove the consequences of its crimes in browsers, that is, return the original setting of start pages.

  1. On ofsayte company Avast! download utility Avast Browser Cleanup: → Avast Browser Cleanup → Download (blue button on the unit).
  2. Launch Browser Cleanup.
  3. Click the icon of each browser (alternately). And click «Reset» tab.
  4. Close the utility. Restart the PC, check the operation of Internet browsers (Yamdex should disappear).

In order to prevent further update antivirus and scan all disk partitions.

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