How to remove Yambler of the Opera, that he no longer appeared?

By | 08.04.2016

Yambler and Opera

How to remove Yambler of the Opera browser?

If at one point, instead of their familiar favorites and start page when you open your browser user will find the strange search engine called Yambler, from this program, it is desirable to get rid of as quickly as possible. And it is not that it has established itself and is now with the launch of the browser has to look at a lot of banner ads. In fact Yambler hardly be called a search engine. And he came from the fact that the computer was infected by a virus.

To get rid of the search engine and get back to your favorite bookmarks, is not enough just to change the start page in your browser settings. If you just change the downloadable page when opening the Internet, after a while Yambler appears again in its place. First, you need to delete some files and the virus itself, which resulted in the appearance of the search engine.

What to do first?

First of all, after the appearance of this unnecessary page, users are beginning to wrestle with how to get rid of this Yamblera, because the standard in such cases, change the browser settings, simply does not work. At the same time clean your computer of this trouble and restore the work program for viewing Web pages, you can in a few minutes. To do this, you will need to perform a few simple steps:

    1. First we need to find out what was installed Opera folder. To do this, select the shortcut of browser and click on it with the right mouse button.
    2. Then click the «Properties» must be selected.
    3. In the «Subject» field, you can see where it is located Opera. By default, the browser is in the «Program Files» folder, which in turn is on drive C.
  1. The next step is to delete the file «opera.url», located in the program folder. You should also delete all the old Opera shortcuts that can be found on the Quick Launch, in the «Start» menu or desktop.
  2. Now you need to create a new shortcut to launch the browser, right-clicking on the file «opera.exe» and in the resulting window, select the appropriate option.

Thereafter, the browser can be launched and used normally. But you can not play it safe and only remove Yambler, but also to try to get rid of the virus, by which he appeared in computer memory.

Destroy the malicious virus

Most likely, Yambler appeared on the PC or laptop is not one, but «in the company» a small virus, Trojan, which is also desirable to remove. You can find it all in the same «Program Files» folder. Usually it is «hidden» in a directory with a non-trivial name «Zaxar». Make sure that all browsers is not currently running, and then delete this folder.

Control shot

And finally to make sure that the computer’s memory is not malware is left, after the above steps, it is desirable to perform a full scan Antivirus. If such protective software is not installed, or simply have not been updated, you can use one of the free tools for filtering.

One of the best such programs is Cureit small application from a known company Dr.Web. This program will certainly help permanently remove not only Yambler, and other potentially dangerous applications and folders.

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