How to remove Yambler of Mozily (Mozilla FireFox)?

By | 08.04.2016

Yambler and Mozilla FireFox

How to remove Yambler of Mozilla FireFox?

In recent months, launching a browser, users often see instead of their favorite bookmarks strange search engine called Yambler. At the same time no one has established, and it is not clear how this search engine came in the computer’s memory, but still became the home page in Mozile.

I do not think that Yambler — this is some fancy new search engine that combines several popular sites. By and large this is a common type of malicious program that could bypass antivirus. And the creator of this would-be search engine just decided to unleash their offspring are not the most honest way. By and large, Yambler and the search engine is difficult to call. Rather, it is just a website created and distributed for the purpose of money on advertising to an audience. Therefore, after the appearance of the home page in a browser, it is best to promptly remove.

Problems when disconnecting Yamblera

But to get rid of the annoying applications are not so simple. This can be seen not only fans of the Mozilla browser from the company, but also to other users, go to the Internet with the help of other programs.

To remove Yambler not enough just to change the start page in your browser settings, as you would with any other site. After some time, when you try to go online intrusive «search engine» will once again be in front of you. So how do you get rid of Yamblera if all the time he comes back?


To rid the virus from Firefox, you must perform a number of simple steps:

  • click on the shortcut Mozily right-click and select «Properties»;
  • read carefully the location of the executable file in the «Subject» line to determine which folder the program is installed. By default, the browser will be located on drive C, «Program Files» catalog;
  • go into the folder «Mozilla Firefox» and remove the rope under the name «firefox.url»;
  • then you must create a shortcut for «firefox.exe» file, which should launch the browser.

Most often, these actions will be enough to just remove Yambler forever. But just in case you can look in the «Program Files» folder with the name «Zaxar». It is there and hides the same virus that makes Yambler home page in the browser again. If the folder was found, immediately dispose of it.

Now you only have to update the anti-virus software and perform a full scan for other malicious applications. Some experts also recommend a complete reinstall Mozilu but if annoying «pseudo-search engines» do not disturb you, delete and re-install the browser does not necessarily.

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