How to remove Yambler of the browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex and other

By | 24.04.2016

How to remove the home page Yambler

Yambler.NET — viral front page
recently ran into a testbed machine to obscure the start page titled Yambler. Name amused, content upset. A pile of disgusting advertisements, often leading to unreliable sites infected with viruses.

home page yambler

It would seem that so tough — to change the start page in your browser settings and finally get rid of it already yamblera. But it was not there. How not to change the settings of any browsers, and are executed again pops up this ill-fated . The interesting thing is that when you start eg Mozilla, opened this site in your default browser (Google Chrome). The same happened when trying to launch the browser from Yandex and Mail Address — opened with Chrome yamblerom.

As it turned out, the newly «search engine» — a new feature of the coated notorious Vebalty. The browser opens the page ,  and that in turn redirects the browser to a new «miracle search engine.»

How to remove the browser Yambler

In fact the home page and other settings are not changed in the browser. The trick lies in the fact that the Trojan establishing to your computer as a home page, change the labels start known to the browser. In my case, I survived and Safari browser of Internet Explorer . Last remained uninfected probably due to the improved security of Windows 7 , of which he is. OS apparently not allowed to make changes.

So how is it that the settings do not affect the start page, and constantly open Yambler? Also, why instead of Google, Opera, or Mozilla opens another browser (one that utanovlen default browser)?

It’s simple! Trojan substitutes browser shortcuts to link to this same page, that every time an eyesore. For this reason, and it opens your default browser. Correct have a browser shortcut (on the desktop and in the Start menu, and Quick Launch bar). With regard to the Quick Launch bar in Windows 7 , then change there a shortcut will not work. It contains no label, and a link to a shortcut. Accordingly, when the modified shortcut on the Start menu, and Quick Launch bar will be all right.

Principle the same for all browsers. Click the right-click on the browser icon and select the menu item Properties . The line object is a way to link to the address . The way this is usually identical to launching the browser file, but has an extension of the url . In most cases, «is enough to change the url » on « the exe » to the browser to take effect.

Now, a few specific examples.


Mozilla Firefox

Line Object shortcut for Mozilla Firefox in my case was the following: «the C: \ Program the Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.url»

A must have the following :  «the C: \ Program the Files \ the Mozilla of Firefox \ firefox.exe»


Google Chrome

To remove of Chromium in the line object of his label, replace the file extension chrome.url on chrome.exe

You should get the following ( for Windows 7 ): the C: \ Users Offline \% username % \ the AppData \ the Local \ the Google \ the Chrome \ the Application \ chrome.exe is

where % username % — your user name at the entrance in Windows

Browser Yandex

Change browser. The url to browser.exe

You should now have: the C: \ Users Offline \% username % \ the AppData \ the Local \ Yandex \ YandexBrowser \ the Application \ browser.exe

Do not forget that you need to change the labels on both the desktop and in the Start menu. And continue to bypass Vebaltu side.


How do I remove search yamdex system from Google Chrome

updated 14/12/14

By popular demand of workers is complemented by articles in connection with some modifications virus.

So, today, in most cases the done above operations are not enough to eradicate this stuff from your computer. But it’s possible!

After the steps described above, you need to perform a few points:

1. It is strongly recommended that you perform the steps in this guide .

2. Remove all unwanted programs from the list of installed programs ( Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features ). Particular attention should be paid, in the publisher whose name is duplicated program Set any site or even nothing. Feel free to remove these programs.

3. If in Chrome does not change the default search engine and does not remove the «left» search engine yamdex, download (if you do not already have one) AVZ program for example here: antivirusnaya-utilita-avz-4-skachat.html Go to the menu File -> system Restore , select Delete all Policies (restrictions) of the current user , and then click Execute selected operations . Then you can remove unwanted search engine.

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