How do I remove search Yahoo on the computer (the program and the start page)

By | 24.04.2016

Yahoo search

How to remove Yahoo search browsers — from search engine company Yahoo. Focuses primarily on users in Europe and the United States: all of its related services (news, mail, games) are displayed only in English. Open Web pages for search engine Yahoo is not much of a threat to a PC (ie the risk of infection is minimal). Another thing, when special virus covertly «embeds» program Yahoo search in Windows — changes the start page in Internet browsers, location masks application in the OS (difficult to uninstall the standard way).

To remove Yahoo search from the operating system, perform the following purification steps:

Removing the control panel

1. Open the «Start»: click on the taskbar, «the Windows» icon.

2. Open the «Control Panel» (menu item in the «Start» window).

3. Click «Uninstall a program» (found in the «Programs» section).

Yahoo! Search app

4. Scroll down to the software Yahoo! Search app c signature in the column «Publisher» — Pay-by-Ads. Click the right button and click «Delete.»

Warning: As the name and signature of the malware may vary. In addition, guided by the date of installation. All unfamiliar objects that you have not intentionally installed, also need to remove from your computer.

5. Open the uninstaller window. Press the button in it «Uninstall». Wait until removal.


Attention! If the uninstaller for some reason does not start (stuck, not deleted the application), proceed to the next stage of treatment.

Deleting files

1. Restart your computer in safe mode: hold «F8» when loading Windows, until you reach the menu modes. (Maybe another start button! See the technical description of your computer / notebook.)

2. Press the «CTRL + E», then «ALT» (top of the window additional menu).

3. Select in it: Tools → Preferences folder.

4. In the «View» tab, in the list of options, activate «Show hidden files …» (last item). Click «Apply».

5. At the C drive in the «Users» folder, open your account (with a username folder).

6. Next: AppData → Local.

Folder pay-bay-ads

7. Locate and then delete the folder manually «pay-bay-ads» (drag it into the «shopping cart» or use the context menu command).

Attention! If you do not find the folder as described above, then your PC is infected with a different version of a browser hijacker. Despite her absence, still keep the system clean.

Scan registry

1. Open the «Start». In the «Search» bar, type regedit, and press ENTER.

2. In the Registry Editor, press CTRL + F.

Search in the register

3. In the «Find» write yahoo, and then click «Find Next.»

4. Remove the virus application found the key: right click on the record → click «Delete.»

5. Press «F3» to continue the search. Check out all the registry branch.

6. Repeat the cleaning procedure (paragraph №1-5) on request — pay-bay-ads.

Checking the labels properties

1. Click on the icon, right-click.

2. Click «Properties» in the menu that appears.

3. In the column «Object» (in the «Shortcut» tab) clean path to the executable file browser: remove characters after «… the exe» third-party links.

property panel

Warning startup file may also be modified by a virus, eg, chrome.exe changes to chrome.bat. Carefully through its recording format.

4. Click «Apply».

5. Check the properties of labels of all browsers that are installed on the desktop.

Recovery Home page


  • enter in the address bar — about: preferences;
  • Press «ENTER»;
  • enter the address of a trusted search engine in the «Home page».
Firefox setup

Internet Explorer:

  • Open the menu «Service»;
  • go to the «Properties» section and click the «Advanced» tab;
  • Click «Reset»;
  • check the box next to the «Delete personal settings»;
  • Click «Reset» again.
Internet Explorer options

Google Chrome:

  • open setting;
  • in the «Appearance» click «Change»;
  • turn on «Next»;
  • enter the address of the required search engine;
  • in the «Search» section, click «Customize search engines»;
  • remove malicious link


  • click «ALT + P» (open the «Settings» menu);
  • in the «At startup» section activate the radio button «Open specific page …»;
  • Click «Set pages» (all malicious links that have been recorded in this field before, must be removed from the Opera);
  • Enter the address of the start page (,, etc.).


Reboot in normal mode. Download ofsayte utility Dr.Web CureIt! and scan the disk partitions it. Delete unnecessary files and folders, clear the registry cleaner program, Reg Organizer.

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