How to remove Hamachi completely from your computer

By | 24.04.2016

Hamachi removal

How to remove Hamachi (Hamachi) from Windows

Sometimes in the process of uninstalling Logmeln Hamachi with a view to transition to a new version of the operating system or cleaning errors occur. «The older version … can not be removed» (it is impossible to remove the old version), «… trying to use is on a network resource … Click OK to try again» (the network resource is not available, try again), «The installation source is not available,» — all these reports indicate that the application is not removed.

In such cases, a system delete function does not do. It is necessary to further enable third-party utilities, the Registry Editor or a special patch from Microsoft.

But as they say, everything in order. Consider separately each of the methods.

Method №1: Soft Organizer

With Soft Organizer remove Hamachi very simply and quickly. Download this tool from the official or trusted site, install on your PC and run. Then follow these steps:

1. In the window, in the list of installed software in the operating system, click the left button of Hamachi (once!).

Soft Organizer

2. At the top, above the list, click «Uninstall a program».

3. Activate the «native» application uninstaller. In his panel, set the mark against the option «Remove all the settings …». Then click on the button «Delete».

uninstaller Hamachi

Warning: If an error occurs when you activate the built-in uninstaller or a message appears indicating the reason why Hamachi is not removed, there will be additional, close the window ( «OK», «Cancel» ) and continue with the cleaning procedure in Soft Organizer.

search for the remaining elements

4. After removing the standard in the «Made …» then click «Find.»

cleaning procedure

5. After scanning, the program will inform the system about the remaining elements found Hamachi and offer to get rid of them. Click «Remove» to continue cleaning.

Wait until the operation is completed. Upon successful completion of its «Hamachi Network» icon will disappear from the tray.

Method №2: standard remote + cleaning registry

Uninstalling the program elements

  1. Open the «Start» (click on the icon «Windows») menu.
  2. Select «Control Panel».
  3. In the «Programs» section, enable the option «Uninstall a program».
  4. Highlight the mouse click on the list of Hamachi software application.
  5. Click «Remove» in the top bar.
  6. Follow the uninstaller.

If the uninstaller is not activated, there are errors, follow these steps (for Windows 7/8):

  • Turn off the Hamachi network connection, close the program (right click on the icon in the system tray → Exit);
  • open the directory: Windows → system32 → config → systemprofile → localsettings → appdata → locallow;
  • remove it in a folder LogMeIn Hamachi.

Deleting keys in the system registry

1. Open the editor:

  • click «Win + R»;
  • in the line «Run», type — regedit;
  • press Enter.

2. Remove the stuff listed in the registry entries (if any):

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → LogMeIn Hamachi HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SYSTEM → CurrentControlSet → Services → Hamachi2Svc
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SYSTEM → CurrentControlSet → Services → hamachi
Windows registry

Click on the folder you want to remove from the computer, the right mouse button. Then click «Delete» from the context menu.

Method №3: a software tool from Microsoft

1. Open the page in the browser — (Microsoft Technical Support site).

2. Under the heading «Unable to install …» in the «Fixit» box, click «Start now.»

download page

3. Wait for the download (takes only 5-10 seconds) and run the utility as administrator.

run the installer

4. Wait until the utility module is loaded.

utility installation

5. Choose how to troubleshoot:

  • «Identify the problem …» — automatic mode (recommended);
  • «Find a problem …» — diagnosis and selective correction.

6. Specify the type of problem — «Delete».

7. In the list of LogMeIn Hamachi programs (including radio), and then click «Next».

8. In the box asking «Remove and clean?» Select «Yes, try uninstalling.»

9. In the case of the successful removal of Hamachi in the «Troubleshooting completed» displays the status «Fixed».

10. Click «Next».

11. Notify the result of Microsoft technical support procedures (select from the list the answer) or close the utility without sending the message.

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