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By | 12.04.2016

How to remove the malicious search engine of the browsers?
Advertising module — another «novelty» from the creators of fake web search engines. Like other viruses in this category, delivers users the trouble of configuring browsers. The malware is arbitrary, without any additional requests, change the start page settings: replaces the trusted search engine (Google, Yandex) to your service —

Many PC owners do not know how to remove Webssearches of the OS completely and try to get rid of it by resetting your browser’s settings. Unfortunately, these actions are ineffective in combating the «hijackers» are not enough. In this case, in addition to restoring the settings manually, it is necessary to use specialized anti-virus utility.

So, to destroy the virus, follow these steps:

Remove suspicious software

Typically, the virus infects the system when installing a program, patch, crack, or screensaver. Websearches Raznosschika also need to remove from Windows.

1. Click «Control Panel» in the «Start» (operating system icon).

2. Click the «Uninstall a Program» section.

3. Review the list of installed applications. Special focus your attention on the newly installed software (guided by the date specified in the appropriate box).

4. Select the icon by clicking suspicious program, click «Remove» (option at the top of the list).

list of installed software

5. Open uninstaller (module removal software) and follow the instructions.

6. Close the window After the procedure.

Scan the system of anti-virus tool

Antivirus protecting real-time operating system does not always detect the «thieves browsers», so it is necessary to use specialized tools. The most successfully proven in this task:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

1. Open the official developer website —

2. Place your cursor on the «Download» section of the menu (at the top) and click «Products».

3. In the first block «Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free» click «Free Download» (Download Free).

4. Download, install and run anti-virus product.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

5. All detected Websearches elements in the process of scanning, remove ( «Quarantine» option).

6. Unload the program from the tray (click on the icon → Exit).

Spy Hunter

1. Navigate your browser to the page

2. Click the button «Download Free Scanner».

3. Run the downloaded installer, wait until the installation is complete.

4. Open the Spy Hunter and activate interface command in the panel «Scan Computer Now!».

SpyHunter scan

5. Remove the computer from utility found all registry entries and files to the virus.

6. Close the Spy Hunter window, restart the PC.

Clear the browser program AVAST! Browser Cleanup

1. Click the «Download» (blue button) in the «Cleaning of Avast browser» section on the site of the company «AVAST!» (

2. Launch Browser Cleanup.

3. Each browser (vertical menu icons):

AVAST! Browser Cleanup
  • remove any suspicious extensions Point program (Remove / Delete button);
  • perform the reset (Reset settings button);
  • Specify which search engine to set the home page.
Browser Cleanup settings reset

Restore browser settings

For Internet Explorer browsers as Mozilla Firefox, as a rule, these actions will be enough to clean, meaning they will work correctly.

But to Websearches completely disappeared from Google Chrome, perform these steps:

1. Go to the Google Chrome settings.

2. click «add» in the options block «startup».

change the start page

3. Position the cursor on the link to malicious search engine, and then press the «X» (it will appear on the right).

4. In the «Add Page» to enter the address of the search engine you use.

5. Under «Appearance» and «Manage search engines» in the same way to remove all the malicious settings.

Check the properties of the shortcut

If the virus is still not removed, do the following:

  1. Click on the icon browser, placed on the desktop, the left mouse button.
  2. click «Properties» from the context menu.
  3. In the «Object» after the executable file (… exe «), remove all entries.
  4. Click «Apply» and «OK».

Clean the hard disk of the PC program SSleaner

  1. Go to page (PF program website).
  2. Click «Free Download».
  3. Download and run Scleaner.
  4. «Cleaning» Click on the menu. The tabs «the Windows» and «Applications», select the items you want to delete, and file directories in which to perform the cleaning.
  5. Click «Analysis», then — «Cleaning».
  6. Click «Register».
  7. In the «integrity of the registry» list, select the checkboxes of records that need to be corrected / deleted.
  8. Click «Search for problems» after scanning — «Correct …».
  9. Close the window.

After the removal process, restart the operating system and make sure that all browsers work properly. Update your antivirus software and make sure all partitions.

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