How to remove WebConnect Ads from your computer

By | 08.04.2016

Allow me to introduce, once okolovirusny product: WebConnect Ads! Another specimen, substituting browser start page or overwhelm the user with unnecessary links and banners. The module copies the files to the hard drive, is prescribed in startup, and begins to poison the life of the owner.

Remove this mess is quite simple, it is enough to know how to process and called applets executable file. The first — or WebConnect WebConnect Ads, Second — webconnectBHO.dll.

All instructions on how to remove WebConnect, which come across on the Internet, are more like advertising because the sound so: «WebConnect Ads — a terrible thing! Drill our program and you will have happiness! «The problem is that the program is worth the money, and besides, is located in an unknown torrent, so that, by downloading it, you can pick up even more harmful filth.

Of course, well-known, mnogazhdy proven in combat, so to speak, the conditions of utilities such as Dr.WebCureIt !, AVZ or Kaspersky Lab AntiViral Toolkit Pro is quite able to remove WebConnect from the system. The only thing that can stop them — finding module at startup, ie, in a constantly executed. To remove it from there, simply call the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), open the Processes tab, find the list of the right and click «End Process.» Then, any of the above programs find and neutralize it.

If such a program is not present, it is impossible to establish, and the module is not removed in the usual way, through the Control Panel — Programs and Features, will have to do everything manually.

  1. Unload the module from memory, as described above.
  2. Manually delete all folders and files from the computer module disks. You can delete the keyboard shortcut Shift + Del, to much at once and surely, and the file to look for using the search function, specifying the name of the executable file as a parameter.
  3. Open the registry through the Start button, click Run — regedit and poudalyat out everything connected with the word webconnect.
  4. View used browser (preferably all installed on the computer), and set the home page to a blank or re-install an existing, so that it accurately indicates the selected site.
  5. Check the properties of all browser shortcuts (click on the shortcut, right-click the command «Properties»), to the line «object» was a reference to the browser executable file * .exe, and not some foreign object, otherwise, to make a new label .
  6. To restart a computer.

All these actions are carried out consistently will ensure to get rid of WebConnect Ads. Here it is a subtle but very harmful program can be got in the system, if there is insufficient consideration for the fact that on the mouse to click on the Internet.

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